Chapter 14 (Season 3)

Reason 13: Her Dream or His Reality
Volume3 (10)
Chapter14 (49)
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"Reason 13: Her Dream or His Reality" is the fourteenth chapter of the Season 3 manga and the forty-ninth chapter of Rose Guns Days overall.


Richard Maiougi, enraged by the death of Yuuji, declares a new era of Primavera in Rose Haibara's absence. He arranges for Meijiu Lee and Tzulung Sun to join him at Yuuji's funeral and plans to have them assassinated, along with Oliver Oribe, in an attempt to throw suspicion away from Primavera. He has Keith Kisaragi work as a sniper for the mission. Alan Aramaki leaves the hospital with Miexue Lee and hears from Morris Monobe that Keith has a major job that day. Realizing the trap, Alan and Yuki rush towards Yuuji's funeral, where they witness the assassination of a decoy of Tzulung Sun. Yuki narrowly saves her brother by taking the bullet herself.