Volume 5 (Rose Guns Days)

Rose Guns Days: Season 2
Volume1 (5)
Chapters5 (20-24)
ReleasedAugust 22, 2013
November 22, 2016 (EN)
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"Rose Guns Days: Season 2," Volume 1 is the fifth volume of the Rose Guns Days manga and the first volume of the Season 2 adaptation.


A young woman's desperate flight from her would-be captors leads her directly into the path of Madam Rose--or, more accurately, Madam Rose's car. While the accident has delivered the girl from her pursers, the impact has left her with no memory of who she is. Now in the care of the Primavera family, "Rapunzel" has found a new home with the Wild Dogs, a trio of former street urchins in Wayne's employ. Bit by bit, "Zel" discovers more about her former self as she settles in with her new friends, even as relations between the Japanese and Chinese in District 23 become increasingly tense...[1]


Author's Note


Hi Everyone. Ryukishi07 here.

Time flies, and before I knew it, Volume 1 of Rose Guns Days Season 2 was slated to go on sale.

And It's all thanks to you guys!

This was my first opportunity to get to work it Natsunishi-sensei, and I have no reservations in saying how amazing she is at fleshing out these characters. She's packed these chapters with a wealth of comedic scenes, serious scenes, and some scenes that weren't even in the original version, making my series all the more exciting.

Just as with Higurashi WHEN THEY CRY, I find it so fun to write about the trials and tribulations of hardworking boys and girls. My favorite one here has got to be Oliver. I never actually imagined him as such a cute character. (laughs)

And I have Natsunishi-sensei to thank for everything!

Season 2's only just begun so I hope you'll stick with it to see what sort of adventures await our amnesiac and the "dunce trio."

From the original writer and supervisor, Ryukishi07


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