Julie Hayashibara

This character appears in Rose Guns Days.
Julie Hayashibara
林原 樹里
Julie Normal.png
Character Information
BirthdayApril 29[1]
Zodiac SignTaurus
Blood TypeA[1]
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorAquamarine
LikesInstant ramen[1]
First AppearanceSeason 1
Julie Hayashibara (林原 樹里, Hayashibara Juri) is a journalist who serves as the protagonist of the frame story surrounding Rose Guns Days.



Julie was born to Japanese family and later began working at Hong Kong Daily News. She is given the opportunity to spend two years interviewing Jeanne Amakawa, the Honorary President of the Japanese nationalist group called the Harukaze, once known as the mafia group Primavera.


Julie appears as a young woman with aquamarine eyes and long brown hair tied into a ponytail. She is typically seen wearing her journalist outfit consisting of a black and cyan jacket over a white blouse.


Julie is an inquisitive woman who frequently draws comparisons between modern Japan and the Japan depicted in Jeanne's stories. She is easily annoyed by Toratsugu Uedera.


Season 1

In 2012, Julie begins a series of interviews with Jeanne Amakawa, the Honorary President of the Japanese nationalist group Harukaze. Jeanne begins telling Julie the story of Primavera, a postwar mafia group that served as the Harukaze's predecessor.

Season 2

Julie's interviews expand to include Jeanne's personal advisor, Wayne Uedera.

Season 3

Julie becomes acquainted with Toratsugu Uedera, the hotheaded grandson of Wayne Uedera.

Last Season

Jeanne reveals that Julie's grandparents were Rose and Leo, under the names Misaki and Koutarou Hayashibara. She offers Julie the position of Madam, hoping that she can lead the future of Primavera. Julie accepts the offer, however she also maintains her position as a low-level journalist for a day job.

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