Chapter 15 (Season 2)

Last Number: You've Got a Friend
Volume3 (7)
Chapter15 (34)
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"Last Number: You've Got a Friend" is the fifteenth chapter of the Season 2 manga and the thirty-fourth chapter of Rose Guns Days overall.


Zel's cover is blown and she takes Yuanhong Wang hostage. Rose Haibara insists that Zel return Wang to his seat in their discussion. Upon doing so, Rose rejects the Chinese demands, revealing that she has already sold many of the exclusivity rights to various Families in surrounding districts to curry their favor; each of these Families have soldiers posted outside the restaurant. This includes Caleb Keireiji and Miguel Kurashiki, who are revealed to have survived the Night of Roses and Guns and are now working for Rose. Wang recieves a call from Zilong Sun, who reveals that he has massacred the Elder Council and is orchestrating a hostile takeover of the Golden Dragons. Meijiu Lee then reveals that he had used Zel's poison in Wang's wine, leaving Wang with only seven days to live. Wang admits his defeat as he is taken to the hospital.

Zel reunites with her father and the two leave the country, though Zel promises her friends that she will eventually return. The remaining Wandering Dogs go their separate ways as they vow to better themselves for when they next meet.