Meryl Tanashi

Meryl Tanashi
田無 メリル
Character Information
BirthdayJune 20
Zodiac SignGemini
Blood TypeO[1]
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorRed
OccupationEmployee at Club Primavera
LikesLiquor, whiskey bonbons[1]
DislikesPumpkins, being alone[1]
First AppearanceSeason 1

Meryl Tanashi (田無 メリル, Tanashi Meriru, born Miyoko Tanashi) is a Japanese gangster and prostitute working for Primavera.



Meryl was a leader of ones of the loose factions of prostitutes that comprised an early form of Primavera. She, along with Stella Maiougi and Amanda Amamiya, endorsed Rose Haibara to be Madam. In truth, this was part of a larger plan to eventually steal the title from Rose.


Meryl appears as a short woman with blonde hair and red eyes. She typically wears a white and gold ballgown-style dress.


Last Season

After Stella's death, Meryl begins embezzling money from Primavera in anticipation of a rebellion against Richard's increasingly dictatorial leadership. When Rose Haibara returns to Tokyo to take on Richard, Meryl provides funding after James Tomitake's death.


  • Despite her size, Meryl has a high alcohol tolerance.
  • When Meryl asks Leo Shishigami to make a cocktail for her that best represents what he thinks of her, Leo makes a pousse-café layered drink.
  • Meryl's Japanese name, Miyoko Tanashi, is a reference to Miyo Takano from Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, whose real name is also Miyoko Tanashi.

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