Chapter 8 (Season 2)

Track 08: New Sensation
Volume2 (6)
Chapter8 (27)
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"Track 08: New Sensation" is the eighth chapter of the Season 2 manga and the twenty-seventh chapter of Rose Guns Days overall.


Xiao-lan notices Zel snooping around Chinatown and reports to Meijiu Lee. Meanwhile, Zel's quartet uncovers evidence that the scam is being run in cooperation with the Golden Dragons. They are briefly chased by several gangsters and Zel suddenly remembers her past, however she decides to keep it a secret.

Wayne Uedera delivers the information gathered by Zel's quartet to Rose Haibara, who decides to confront Meijiu Lee and announce the formation of a Japanese Workers' Union. Seeing Zel and the others in a new light, Wayne rebrands the four as the "Wandering Dogs," a unique unit of Primavera free to enact their own surveillance.