Track 09: Standing in the Dark

Track 09: Standing in the Dark
Volume2 (6)
Chapter9 (28)
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"Track 09: Standing in the Dark" is the ninth chapter of the Season 2 manga and the twenty-eighth chapter of Rose Guns Days overall.


Rose Haibara and Richard Maiougi meet with Yuanhong Wang and Meijiu Lee. The Chinese demand that Rose revert the changes she made to District 23's wage standards and hand over one-third of District 23's exclusivity rights. Richard is outraged, however Rose requests time to make their decision before leaving.

Zel recalls her true identity: an assassin nicknamed "Hotarubi" who has been working for the Golden Dragons in order to save her father. She meets with Xiao-lan and is assigned a mission to assassinate Rose using poison hidden in a ring.