Season 3

Season 3
Developer07th Expansion
Publisher07th Expansion
ReleasedAugust 10, 2013
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Season 3 is the third arc in Rose Guns Days and introduces the characters of Alan Aramaki and Keith Kisaragi, a pair of "fixers" working for Primavera.


By 1949, Primavera had undergone some restructuring, most notably with Stella Maiougi retiring from prostitution to directly assist Rose Haibara. Keith Kisaragi and Alan Aramaki, a pair of "fixers" in the Japanese underworld, join Primavera as a sniper team. Alan eventually meets and falls in love with Yuki, the younger sister of Meijiu Lee who rescued him from a false groping accusation aboard a train. Meanwhile, Keith becomes close with Stella Maiougi and begins caring for her adopted son, Yuuji Maiougi. Soon afterwards, Keith and Alan are given an assassination mission by Rose. However, this mission is interrupted by the reappearance of Alfred Akagi. Richard Maiougi opts to buy Alfred off so as to continue their operations unimpeded. Meanwhile, Major Gabriel Kaburaya is transferred to the American garrison in District 23, supplanting Philip Butler in his directorial roles. Gabriel begins a single-minded campaign against the mafia groups in District 23, with the intent of fully destroying both Primavera and the Golden Dragons. Alan and Yuki's relationship becomes strained after an argument over whether the Japanese and Chinese can get along. Rose Haibara forms the Association for Native Japanese Commerce, an arm of Primavera that would eventually become the Harukaze.

Gabriel begins "Operation: Great Justice," which leads to a series of hits against Primavera. This results in Rose being severely wounded, incapacitating her. Furthermore, Stella Maiougi is shot and killed, enraging Richard and Keith. Yuki and Alan are also attacked, however their survival leads to Alan falling into a four-day coma. As a result, Alan is presumed dead by Primavera. Soon afterwards, Yuuji Maiougi is poisoned and killed. Gabriel takes advantage of Richard's grief and suggests that the Golden Dragons are responsible for Stella and Yuuji's deaths. Several days later, Richard invites Meijiu Lee and Tzulung Sun to their funeral and attempts to have them assassinated by Keith. Unbeknownst to Keith, the "Tzulung Sun" that he kills turns out to be a double and Meijiu Lee narrowly survives the encounter due to the intervention of Yuki and Alan. However, Keith shoots Yuki, leading to her death. When Alan takes her corpse, Keith realizes what he's done and breaks down in tears.

After mourning Yuki's death, Alan decides to leave the country. Before he does, he is given a message from Keith, who asks to meet him by the bay. During this meeting, the two get into a heated argument as Keith firmly believes that the Golden Dragons are responsible for the deaths of the Maiougis and refuses to believe Alan's protests to the contrary. The argument turns fatal and ends with Alan shooting Keith, leaving him to bleed out on the wharf.