Season 1

Season 1
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Season 1 is the first arc in Rose Guns Days and introduces the character of Leo Shishigami, a soldier-turned-bodyguard attempting to live a comfortable life in postwar Japan.


In 2012, Julie Hayashibara begins a series of interviews with Jeanne Amakawa, the Honorary President of the Harukaze, a group that was once known as the formidable mafia called Primavera.

In 1947, Rose Haibara is saved by Leo Shishigami while on the run from Alfred Akagi. Rose and her friend, Wayne Uedara, take Leo to their workplace, the nightclub Primavera, for dinner. Leo, a newcomer to postwar Japan, learns about the new state of the country from a local pickpocket. The Japanese, now a minority in their country, live in poverty. Japanese men fight over low-paying physical labor jobs and Japanese women are often forced into prostitution. Alfred arrives at Primavera and attempts to force Rose into a racketeering scheme. When Rose refuses to pay Alfred, she is kidnapped along with Claudia Kurosaki. While trapped in a building, Rose attempts to send for help by releasing a paper airplane through the barred window of the room she is kept in. The airplane states where Rose thinks she is and says that anyone who gives the airplane to Club Primavera will be rewarded. The airplane is delivered to Primavera and Richard Maiougi, Stella Maiougi, and Meryl Tanashi find where Rose is and run over Alfred with their car. Leo, Wayne, and Cyrus Saimura fight their way through Alfred's mafia and save both Rose and Claudia.

In order to prevent Alfred's mafia from making further attacks on Club Primavera, Rose seeks the help of Philip Butler, a soldier in the American military, however Philip is hesitant. After some deliberating, Philip offers his assistance in exchange for having the members of Club Primavera solve the mystery of a missing American officer with ties to the mafia, to which Rose agrees. Leo finds a lead by befriending Caleb Keireiji in a Japanese bar. Keireiji relays the story of Helena Kanzaki, a young girl who recently escaped a life of forced prostitution at the hands of the mafia. The members of Club Primavera track down Helena and her lover, the missing officer named Peter, and intercept them during their recapture at the hands of the mafia. Richard insists on taking Peter and leaving Helena to the mafia, however Rose is determined to save Helena and offers to to buy her from the mafia by paying Helena's million dollar debt.