Chapter 15 (Season 3)

Reason 14: After the Rain Has Fallen
Volume3 (10)
Chapter15 (50)
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"Reason 14: After the Rain Has Fallen" is the fifteenth chapter of the Season 3 manga and the fiftieth chapter of Rose Guns Days overall.


Yuki bleeds out on the street due to her injury while the real Tzulung Sun sneaks away. Alan Aramaki is unable to help her due to Keith Kisaragi's reflexes; he knows that attempting to run towards Yuki would lead to Keith shooting him before he realizes who he is. He watches as Yuki eventually dies. In an attempt to prove his willingness to die for what Yuki meant to him, Alan prays for a miracle and steps towards her body. A feather lands on Keith's sniper rifle, giving him enough pause to realize Alan's identity and forgo firing. Keith breaks down when he realizes that he has been tricked.