Night of Roses and Guns

Night of Roses and Guns
DateOctober 20, 1947
Bayleton Plaza Hotel, Japan
Result Fall of Caleb Family
JapanClub Primavera
ChinaGolden Dragons
United StatesAmerican Garrison of District 23
JapanCaleb Family
Commanders and leaders
JapanRose Haibara
ChinaMeijiu Lee
United StatesPhilip Butler
JapanCaleb Keireiji
Casualties and losses
Amanda Amamiya injured
Wayne Uedera injured
Caleb Keireiji presumed dead
Miguel Kurashiki presumed dead

The Night of Roses and Guns was a conflict between the reigning crime family known as the Caleb Family and Club Primavera over control of District 23's underworld. The conflict arose due to disagreements over how to create a better future for the Japanese people.


Following the disappearance of Caleb Keireiji, Rose Haibara became the new ruler of District 23's underworld. Philip Butler organized a deal with the MacDowell crime family, resulting in complete ownership of the exclusivity rights in District 23.


  • The name "Night of Roses and Guns" is a possible reference to the American band Guns N' Roses.