Yuanhong Wang

Yuanhong Wang
王 元洪
Character Information
Also Known AsAzure Dragon
BirthdayJanuary 7[1]
Zodiac SignCapricorn
Blood TypeAB[1]
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorRed
Officer under the Golden Dragons
LikesWatch collecting[1]
DislikesSpare change[1]
First AppearanceSeason 2

Yuanhong Wang (王 元洪, Wáng Yuánhóng) is a Chinese gangster working for the Golden Dragons. On the surface, he acts as owner and operator of Millennium Restaurant. He serves as the primary antagonist of Season 2.





Wang is cunning and manipulative. He has an obsession with clocks and time, believing that the amount of time a person has to live should be equivalent to how hard they work.


Season 2

Wang employs a formidible assassin named "Hotarubi" to kill Rose Haibara, hoping to force Richard Maiougi into leadership from whom Wang can get better deals. Wang forces Hotarubi into his servitude by kidnapping her father and imprisoning him inside his restaurant. Hotarubi is made to dive in front of Rose's car and infiltrate Primavera, however the car accident gives Hotarubi amnesia. She forgets her mission and is taken in to Primavera, wherein she befriends Oliver Oribe, Charles Chatani, and Nina Ninagi. Having forgotten her name, she is given the name "Zel" by Rose.

Some time later, Zel recalls her true identity, however she is unable to bring herself to kill Rose. She instead formulates a plan to save her father with the help of her new friends.


  • Takuya Tsukamoto's performance of Yuanhong Wang in the stage play adaptation of Rose Guns Days impressed Ryukishi07 so much that he created the character of Mikami in tribute to him.

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