Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Gou Episode 20

Satokowashi-hen, Part 3
Story arcSatokowashi-hen
ReleasedFebruary 18, 2021
Theme music
Opening themeI believe what you said
Ending themeFukisokusei Entropy
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Satokowashi-hen, Part 3 (郷壊し編其ノ参, Village-Destroying Chapter, Part 3) is the twentieth episode of Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Gou.


Satoko Houjou confronts Rika Furude on how distant she has been. Later, Satoko concludes that Rika will return to acting as she did in Hinamizawa if she springs a trap on her at the St. Lucia Academy entrance. However, this trap injures another student. Satoko is thrown in a holding cell at the academy and is informed that another student claimed she was talented at using traps. Satoko comes to believe that Rika was responsible for telling on her, however it was actually one of Rika's friends using information Rika had told them the previous day.

Satoko is put into a remedial Special Class for her second year at the Academy. She receives a letter from Mion Sonozaki, inviting her to a reunion in Hinamizawa. Satoko, Rika, and Mion meet with Keiichi Maebara and Rena Ryuuguu at their old classroom in Hinamizawa. They play a game they often played for club activities and Mion decides to bring them to Angel Mort in Okinomiya for dinner. However, Satoko opts to remain in Hinamizawa to walk around for some time before joining the dinner. On her walk, she learns that parts of Hinamizawa are set to be demolished and the house she used to live in with Rika was destroyed in a snowstorm. Her walk ends at the Saiguden, where she finds an mystical object. Upon touching the object, she is brought to the Sea of Fragments and meets a mysterious being.