Angel Mort

Angel Mort's exterior

Angel Mort (エンジェルモート) is a restaurant in Okinomiya owned by the Sonozaki family. The restaurant functions as a theme cafe with the waitresses wearing a specific uniform. Shion Sonozaki is employed at Angel Mort. The restaurant specializes in baked goods and deserts.

Angel Mort holds several events every year, one of which is the "Dessert Fiesta" wherein only select customers holding tickets accompanied by no more than 3 other people can enter the restaurant.

In Tsumihoroboshi-hen, several members of the club are made to work at Angel Mort for a day and are made to wear a variety of fetish costumes.

Known employees


An image from Leaf Fight that served as the basis for both the Angel Mort outfits and Rena Ryuuguu