Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Gou Episode 21

Satokowashi-hen, Part 4
Story arcSatokowashi-hen
ReleasedFebruary 25, 2021
Theme music
Opening themeI believe what you said
Ending themeFukisokusei Entropy
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Satokowashi-hen, Part 4 (郷壊し編其ノ四, Village-Destroying Chapter, Part 4) is the twenty-first episode of Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Gou.


The mysterious being greets Satoko like an old friend, though Satoko insists that she doesn't know who she is. She grants Satoko the power to "live in loops" until her dream is fulfilled. Unlike Rika Furude's looping, she ensures that Satoko will not forget anything upon death. She grants Satoko this power under the condition that she use it in an entertaining manner.

Satoko wakes up on June 10, 1983 and determines that her time in 1987 was a terrible nightmare. However, time passes and Rika once again brings Satoko to Okinomiya to tell her about her dream of entering St. Lucia Academy. Satoko tries to intervene, but Rika decides to study for St. Lucia's entrance exams alone. Satoko relents and studies with her again while secretly planning on taking up Rika's time so that she doesn't have the opportunity to study. When Satoko finds Rika studying late at night, they have a conversation wherein Satoko says she fears Rika will grow apart from her when they enter the Academy. Rika promises not to abandon her if they get in and Satoko once again studies with Rika until the exam.

The two are admitted into St. Lucia Academy and the events play out the same as before; Rika joins an group of popular high-society students and Satoko struggles. Satoko confronts Rika at the main hall of St. Lucia Academy and claims that Rika lied to her when she made her promise before. Rika retorts that she offered to help Satoko but Satoko denied her help, viewing it as pity. Satoko embraces Rika and says she won't let Rika lie to her next time. She snaps her fingers and the chandelier above them falls and kills both of them.



  • Featherine initially refers to Satoko by several names: Vier, Mitsuyo, and Anomalous Spinal Cord Specimen LD 3105.
  • Featherine claims that "the cat" has powers similar to her own but with drawbacks. She is referring to Rika Furude, whose later existence Bernkastel is frequently likened to a cat.