Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Gou Episode 4

Onidamashi-hen, Part 4
Story arcOnidamashi-hen
ReleasedOctober 22, 2020
Theme music
Opening themeI believe what you said
Ending themeGod Syndrome
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Onidamashi-hen, Part 4 (鬼騙し編其ノ四, Demon-Deceiving Chapter, Part 4) is the fourth episode of Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Gou.


On June 23, 1983, an unwell Keiichi Maebara goes to the Irie Clinic but finds it under extensive renovation. While at school, he tells his friends about his fever. Rika Furude pulls Keiichi aside and asks if there is anything bothering him. He confesses to being scared of Rena, though Rika tries to convince him of Rena's innocence.

When Keiichi arrives home, he learns that his parents had to suddenly leave for Tokyo and won't return until the following night. Keiichi's mother tells him that Rena has agreed to bring food for him, which revives Keiichi's fear of Rena. Rena shows up at Keiichi's house soon after with a large dinner. Initially fearful, Keiichi is reminded of his vision of beating Rena to death and agrees to let her inside. While Keiichi watches TV, Rena opens her dinner, revealing a litany of torture implements. Keiichi enters the kitchen and finds Rena clawing at her neck. Rena attacks him with a knife and Keiichi defends himself with a clock.

Keiichi awakens in the hospital two days later. Mion informs him that Rena died from her injuries. Furthermore, Rika and Satoko were found dead in their home the day after Rena and Keiichi's fight.