Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Rei Episode 5

Story arcHirukowashi-hen
ReleasedAugust 21, 2009
ScriptToshifumi Kawase
StoryboardTetsuhito Saito
Episode directorShunji Yoshida
Animation directorAkiko Matsuo
Maki Murakami
Sound directorHozumi Gôda
EditorMasahiro Matsumura
ProducersHiroyuki Oomori
Mika Nomura
Takeshi Okamura
Theme music
Opening themeSuper scription of data
Ending themeManazashi
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Hirukowashi-hen (昼壊し編, Daybreak Chapter) is the fifty-sixth episode of the Higurashi no Naku Koro ni anime as well as the fifth and final episode of the Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Rei anime. The episode is an adaptation of Hirukowashi-hen


Hanyuu alerts Rika Furude to the broken leg of an incense burner in the Saiguden. The burner was once used by Rika's ancestors as an offering when sealing away a certain object and the burner's broken leg means that the seal on said object is also broken. Rika reads a nearby scroll explaining the object sealed: the Jewels of Accord, a treasure that allows demons into the human world. Allowing the Jewels to exist in the human world could potentially elevate everyone in Hinamizawa to Level 5 Hinamizawa Syndrome, ultimately destroying the village. In order to prevent this, Hanyuu and Rika set out to find the Jewels.

Meanwhile, Keiichi Maebara and Rena Ryuuguu are having a picnic in the garbage dump. Jirou Tomitake and Miyo Takano approach them and take a picture of the two. Tomitake implies that Keiichi and Rena are on a date, causing Rena to blush. At one point during her embarrassment, Rena opens her mouth and accidentally swallows an object falling from the sky. Keiichi suggests they go to the Irie Clinic to ensure swallowing the object didn't hurt her but Rena insists she is okay. Shortly after, Tomitake and Takano leave.

That night, Rika and Hanyuu explore the garbage dump, as Hanyuu senses the Jewels are somewhere in the dump. The pair eventually find an empty box that originally housed the Jewels, though the box is now empty. Hanyuu explains that the true purpose of the Jewels was to facilitate love between two people: if one person holds the red jewel and another holds the white jewel, the two will fall in love. Since Hanyuu can only sense the box but not the Jewels themselves, Rika and Hanyuu give up on the search for now.

The next day, at school, Mion Sonozaki notices Rena staring wistfully out the window. Mion tells the rest of the club that Rena must be in love. Keiichi tells the group about Rena swallowing the mysterious object the day before, concerning Rika. Hanyuu tells Rika that the red jewel must be inside Rena and, since Rena swallowed it, the jewel has lost its form and is now a part of her. However, if they can get Rena and the white jewel together in the Saiguden, Rika can perform the removal ritual and remove the red jewel from Rena. Rika tells this to the rest of the group. Rika then notices that Rena is reading a photography magazine with great interest.

Rena leaves class early and the club members follow her. The find Rena near the Furude Shrine fawning over Tomitake, much to Takano's disdain. Tomitake and Takano begin to fight over Rena's advances. The argument causes Takano to storm off in anger. Satoko launches a number of rocket fireworks at Tomitake and Rena in order to knock them out. Tomitake is successfully knocked out but Rena has disappeared. Furthermore, the club members cannot find the jewel on Tomitake's person.

Rena catches up with Takano and confesses that she has always had feelings for Takano. Takano initially resists Rena's advances but soon gives in. The club arrives and attempts to intervene. Satoko claims that the white jewel Takano has is Rika's and asks that she return it. However, Mion says that the jewel is a Furude Shrine treasure, which causes Takano to decide to keep the jewel. Takano and Rena leave together.

Later, in the Irie Clinic, Takano discovers that she has lost the jewel. The club members, having eavesdropped on Takano, decide to check out Rena's hideout in the garbage dump for clues. When they arrive, the club members spot a number of mahjong books in the hideout. The group decides to go to the mahjong parlor frequented by Kuraudo Ooishi and discover Rena fawning over Ooishi. The group confronts Ooishi about the jewel and Satoko again requests that it be returned to Rika.. However, Mion says that Rena is messed up because Rika doesn't have the jewel, again causing Ooishi to decide to keep it. Ooishi says that, if Keiichi can beat him in a game of mahjong, he'll return the jewel. Keiichi accepts and partners with Mamoru Aksaka while Ooishi partners with Rena. The four engage in an intense, fast-paced game of mahjong that eventually ends in a four-way riichi, which means a draw. However, Akasaka had the most points, thus Keiichi and Akasaka win the game. As Ooishi returns the jewel, he fumbles with the jewel and Keiichi accidentally swallows it. The club members decide to just drag Rena and Keiichi to the Saiguden so that Rika can perform the removal ritual. While waiting for Rika to complete the ritual, Rena confesses that she loves Keiichi, irrespective of the jewels' magic. The next day, Tomitake and Takano fight over Rena, each claiming that Rena loves them.