Developer07th Expansion
Publisher07th Expansion
Arc TypeExtra
ReleasedDecember 31, 2006
August 21, 2009 (anime)
December 22, 2009 (manga)
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Hirukowashi-hen (昼壊し編, Daybreak Chapter) is an extra arc based on the fighting game Higurashi Daybreak. While on a picnic, Rena Ryuuguu accidentally ends up swallowing one of a pair of magical jewels, one of which is red while the other is white. Legend says that the person who has the red jewel will be attracted to whoever has the white one. The legend is apparently true, as Rena falls for a variety of people; Jirou Tomitake, Miyo Takano and Kuraudo Ooishi.

Hirukowashi-hen was altered for its release on the second Kizuna game. Because Hanyuu wouldn't be introduced until the following Kizuna game, Hanyuu was removed and her role was largely taken over by Rika Furude, with Satoko Houjou taking over Rika's original role. Shion Sonozaki was also been added. Additionally, for unknown reasons, instead of falling in love with Ooishi, Rena falls in love with Kyousuke Irie. The characters also play baseball instead of mahjong to win the jewels at the end.