Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Gou Episode 5

Watadamashi-hen, Part 1
Story arcWatadamashi-hen
ReleasedOctober 29, 2020
Theme music
Opening themeI believe what you said
Ending themeGod Syndrome
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Watadamashi-hen, Part 1 (綿騙し編其ノ壱, Cotton-Deceiving Chapter, Part 1) is the fifth episode of Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Gou.


On June 12, 1983, Keiichi Maebara and the other members of the club attend a competition at Da Vinci, a shop owned by the Sonozaki family. The store owner gives everyone except Mion Sonozaki a doll. Keiichi, not thinking he'll find a use for his, gives his doll to Mion. Keiichi and his father meet at Angel Mort, a cosplay restaurant. Keiichi meets Shion Sonozaki, Mion's twin sister, though he believes that Shion is actually Mion pretending to be effeminate.

That night, Shion visits Keiichi with a prepared dinner box as thanks for the doll he gave Mion. The next day, Keiichi gives the empty box to Mion and thanks her for the food. Later, in Okinomiya, Keiichi accidentally knocks over a series of motorcycles belonging to a group of delinquents. Shion intervenes and scares the delinquents off with the help of several other bystanders.