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Meixue Lee
李 梅雪
Yuk 4696.png
Character Information
BirthdayJanuary 14[1]
Zodiac SignCapricorn
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorPurple
LikesNew stores, new products[1]
DislikesThe mafia, violence, natto[1]
First AppearanceSeason 3

Miexue Lee (李 梅雪, Lǐ Méixuě), also known as Yuki, is a Chinese official and the younger sister of Meijiu Lee. She adopts the alias "Yuki" in order to hide her affiliation with the Golden Dragons.




Yuki appears as a young girl with purple eyes and long brown hair adorned with a large butterfly pin. She typically wears a striped sheath dress with red accents along with a blue bow tied around her neck.


Despite her brother's position in the Golden Dragons, Yuki detests the violence associated with the mafia and actively avoids people associated with it.


Season 3

Yuki becomes involved with Alan Aramaki after rescuing him from a false groping accusation. The two fall in love, though they have a small fight when Alan expresses his belief that the Chinese and Japanese are incapable of getting along. When her brother, Meijiu Lee, is nearly assassinated, Yuki attempts to protect him and is killed by Keith Kisaragi, who believes that the Golden Dragons are responsible for the deaths of Stella and Yuuji Maiougi.


  • The second kanji in "Meixue" (雪) can be read in Japanese as "yuki," hence the alias.
  • Yuki is fluent in Chinese, Japanese, and English.

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