Chapter 1 (Hinamizawa Bus Stop)

Sound of Rainfall
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"The Beginning of the Curse"

Sound of Rainfall is the first chapter of the Hinamizawa Bus Stop manga.


Mion Sonozaki and Rika Furude encounter the begininng of a heavy rainstorm as they reach a bus stop. They take refuge under the bus stop and Mion mentions her surprise at being asked to skip school with Rika. While the two are talking, Arakawa and Tonegawa approach the bus stop, also taking refuge from the rain. Rika deduces that the two are from the Dam Project that would end up destroying Hinamizawa and becomes hostile. Tonegawa and Arakawa attempt to convince Rika that the Dam Project would be beneficial but Rika refuses to hear them out. Mion, however, sides with the Dam Project when she learns that she and her family would be given a living space in the city as compensation for eviction. Rika excuses herself to go to the bathroom. Meanwhile, Arakawa is suddenly hit with a terrible headache. Shortly after, a freelance writer named Yoshimura Mitsuru arrives at the bus stop.