Witch (魔女, Majo) is a term used to represent beings who have ascended to a higher plane of existence than typical humans and exist outside the physical world. Though the word "witch" is typically associated with female figures, any being with the aforementioned magical abilities is referred to as a witch, regardless of gender. Witches are often categorized by their type of magic, the most common of which is "Endless", a title ascribed to several witches who bear the moniker of "Beatrice."

Witches are restricted by "anti-magic toxins" which are constantly emitted by humans. As such, most witches make determined efforts to avoid notice by humans. However, witches of a certain level of strength are able to appear before humans without being harmed by the toxins.

Types of Magic

Endless magic
Endless Witches are capable of playing within a certain world to their content, rewriting stories as much as they desire. Endless magic only works so long as the truth of an event is unknown; upon the revelation of the truth, events become concrete and Endless magic fails to rewrite them.
Future magic
Witches of the Future are capable of rewriting any event according to their own interpretation, with the exception of death.

List of witches