Blue Truth

The Blue Truth (青き真実, Aoki Shinjitsu) is a rule and weapon introduced by Beatrice in Alliance of the Golden Witch. The rule is meant to assist Battler in countering the logic of the Witch's Side. The Blue Truth serves as the "weakest" of truths, as anything said in blue can be assumed is true unless refuted by a Red Truth or Golden Truth. The Blue Truth cannot be used simply to gather information, it can only be used to advance the user's overall theory. For the Human Side, this means that any use of the Blue Truth must carry with it a denial of the supernatural.

Though the Blue Truth is primarily used to help the Human Side, the Witch's Side may use the Blue Truth as well.

Alliance of the Golden Witch

  1. Ushiromiya Kinzo is already dead. Therefore, the true number of people on the island is 17! By adding an unknown person X to that, it becomes 18 people. By supposing that this person X exists, the crime is possible even if all 17 people have alibis!!
  2. Due to the previous demand to repeat, and the subsequent refusal, I proclaim that you are not qualified to be my opponent. After all, Beatrice opened this game, in order to fight with 'Ushiromiya Kinzo's grandson Ushiromiya Battler'. This gave you responsibility as my opponent, to declare in red that you are 'Ushiromiya Kinzo's grandson Ushiromiya Battler'. You have refused to repeat that. This means the loss of your qualifications.
  3. People's names are not exclusive. There is a possibility that multiple humans have the name Ushiromiya Battler. In short, this is what it means. ......You are a different person with the same first and last names as Ushiromiya Asumu's son Ushiromiya Battler.
  4. The one who is qualified to be Beato's opponent is 'Kinzo's grandson Ushiromiya Battler', and whether you are 'Asumu's son' or not is no problem. Thus, even if you are not Asumu's son, you can be Kinzo's grandson. As long as you are Rudolf's son!
  5. Ushiromiya Kinzo is already dead! So the true number of people on the island is 17! By adding in an unknown person X, that makes 18 people. By supposing the existence of this person X, the crime is possible even if all 17 people have alibis. By this, even though the number of people reaches 18, it is still possible for culprit X to exist and carry out the crime even if all 18 people seem to have alibis!!
  6. Rosa oba-san handed a key over to culprit X by some method, assisting in the closed room murder! And after that, she retrieved the key by a similar method!
  7. [The six linked rooms, the murders of Rosa, Maria, Krauss, Natusih, Rudolf and the rest's deaths in the hall] can be explained if we suppose that Eva oba-san was the culprit.
  8. The murder of Doctor Nanjo, can be explained with an 18th unknown person X.
  9. In that case, everything works out as long as someone locked the window after George-aniki escaped through it!
  10. The 18th person X went wild with a gun and killed everyone. Regarding the pitfalls, there is a chance that pitfalls truly were hidden there, and it's possible to explain by Kyrie-san's theory, supposing that poison dart-shooting device X which can knock out a person out instantly exists. The murders of George-aniki, Jessica, and those who escaped from the dungeon can also be explained using guns, just like the dining hall.
  11. That Grandfather was a different person, a body double. A different person who the relatives mistook for Grandfather!
  12. By proclaiming with the red truth in the second game that the true number of master keys was five, when in the first game the number could have been more than five, you changed the premises of the later games. In the same way, there is a possibility that Kinzo's life or death status was changed for the 4th game. Therefore, Kinzo's existence in the fourth game does not serve as proof that he existed in the previous games...! Therefore, even if we suppose that six murders in the dining hall were carried out by Grandfather, it doesn't create any contradictions!
  13. My theory is that Kinzo's name is passed on as the title of the Ushiromiya family head! Ushiromiya Kinzo was already dead. And he passed 'that name' on to someone else! Everyone acknowledged that!! That way, 'All of those who met at the family conference recognized the existence of Kinzo'!! There wasn't even any need to disguise themselves as Grandfather. Because everyone recognized a new 'Kinzo'! Therefore, 'there's no way they were mistaken for someone else'!! As long as the preceding theory is not denied, nothing can change the fact that you are dead!!!
  14. Ushiromiya Kinzo was already dead! That's right, you sure are pitiable, since whenever we find your corpse, it's always completely burnt. That was a device to make it so that no one noticed the fact that time had passed since your death!! And you passed the name on to someone else!! With the previous theory, 'Kinzo' was able to appear at the family conference!!! How's that? This is checkmaaaaaaaaaaaate!!
  15. George-aniki and Jessica's deaths in the fourth game can also be explained by culprit X!! And the five who escaped from the dungeon and were killed, and the two in the gardening shed, and Maria in the end! All of those can be explained with the 18th person X!! There's nothing strange at all!!
  16. There is nothing strange about the murder of the six relatives that were found in the gardening shed in the beginning! The crime was possible for any of those who didn't have an alibi!!
  17. Suppose that the culprit was a human without an alibi. In other words, the dead! Among the first six corpses, there were some made unidentifiable because their faces were smashed. One possible theory is that one was actually a fake corpse, and that the culprit X killed those two after pretending to be a victim and hiding away! Then after the closed room murder was constructed, the culprit hid under the bed, and waited for all of us to leave!!
  18. If no one could kill him, then he might have been the one to kill! Meaning Kanon-kun might have killed himself.
  19. Kanon-kun died for a reason that was neither suicide nor homicide. The details are unknown, but he died from an accident. Due to the Devil's Proof, I refuse to explain what kind of blunder could have led to an accidental death where a stake was driven into his chest!!
  20. We can explain the one who performed the murder with culprit X, who hid away using an unidentified corpse. In the first place, their three faces were also smashed. It's completely possible that one of them was a body-double corpse!
  21. Then you can explain it with simultaneous murders. Each of them had a gun, pointed it clockwise, and blew each others' faces off at the same time! After that, Maria collected those guns and hid them!!
  22. You can explain it with an indirect murder due to trap X! Something was done to Natsuhi oba-san's gun. You can explain it if that was a trap gun, built to send a bullet right into the forehead of anyone who tried to hold it up and shoot it!!
  23. There is a possibility that Natsuhi oba-san was lured out by that letter of unknown contents! And she was called out into the hall. Then, she was forced into standing at a specified location at a specified time and murdered by trap X, which used a gun that had been installed there beforehand!!
  24. Someone secretly borrowed Maria's key, and secretly returned it to Maria's bag after the crime was over!!
  25. There is a possibility that the door had an auto-lock just like Gramps' study. In other words, it was unlocked before the crime, with a rock or something wedged in so that it couldn't close completely. Then gave the key to Maria. Because the lock was automatic, it is possible to make a theory where the key wasn't needed!
  26. The victims locked the door from the inside. One of the six was the culprit, and this person killed the other five, then pretended to be dead!!
  27. A human, perhaps Kumasawa-san, existed with no alibi at the time. If we assume that someone was hiding on the inside, then there are no problems!
  28. The food they were given had small bombs in it, which exploded from inside their stomachs. In other words, the crime is possible through trap X! The details of a bomb that they could swallow without noticing and that could blow open their stomachs is a Devil's Proof! I refuse to explain!!
  29. If the culprit was one of the servants, they could have used a master key. It's not even a closed room!
  30. If Kanon-kun's death was proclaimed with the red, there's no way he was alive. Therefore, there is a chance that the one who attacked that group was in a disguise to make the group mistake them for Kanon-kun!
  31. Then, just like the heredity of Kinzo's name, there is a possibility that Kanon's name was inherited by someone. You could suppose that Kanon-kun succeeded that name, and that this person attacked them!!
  32. There are plenty of people who could have committed the crime besides Gramps! You could claim that all the adults who were there throughout the family conference were in on the crime!
  33. Then they were killed with poison gas! Even if a key couldn't pass through, gas could, right?! The murder was carried out from outside the closed room!!
  34. After the murder of each person in their respective rooms, the culprit created a linked closed room. But the culprit just couldn't return the key for the last room to the inside of that closed room no matter what they did. But they were able to return it. The first person to discover a corpse just had to pretend to find the key and show that they'd pulled it from the pocket of one of the corpses!!
  35. However, their deaths were not proclaimed in red at the instant Doctor Nanjo died. Strictly speaking, it was in the fight between me and EVA after Doctor Nanjo's corpse was found. In other words, if someone who was alive at the time that Doctor Nanjo was killed died before EVA proclaimed that death, you can sew right through that crack!! In other words, it's like this. One of those who were first made dead by EVA's proclamation of the deaths, was able to skillfully play dead earlier and wait for us to pass by...! And while their death still hadn't been proclaimed with the red, we were made to think that they had died. Then they killed Doctor Nanjo, ......and later died for some reason! Then after that, EVA proclaimed their death in red!!

End of the Golden Witch

  1. Battler Ushiromiya: The reason Grandfather is strolling around like nothing happened even though he's already dead... is that people who want to make it seem as though he's alive created an illusion of him. People who think the same way can share in that illusion. Then, they talk as though Grandfather actually exists and was with them until a second ago. That's why he's strolling around like it's perfectly natural.
  2. Battler Ushiromiya: Because of this, the illusion of Grandfather is unable to appear in front of people who aren't in on this with Natsuhi oba-san. That's why they needed to set it up so that he would shut himself away in his study and not come out.
  3. Battler Ushiromiya: Because they all stuck to the same story, an illusion of Grandfather was able to exist on this island, making it seem like he was alive.
  4. Battler Ushiromiya: In the last game, you said in red that Grandfather is dead at the start time for all games. However, you never mentioned whether Grandfather was alive or dead before the start time for the games. ......In short, even if Grandfather exists in this place right now, that doesn't create any contradictions ("You" refers to Beatrice).
  5. Battler Ushiromiya: And, I also can't deny the existence of the Beatrice in this place. The number of people on this island outside the game board... in other words, before October 4 1986, has not been proclaimed in red. Therefore, there's nothing strange about Beatrice existing here.
  6. Battler Ushiromiya: I was probably in an excited state after solving the epitaph's riddle. Then I mistook something for Grandfather.
  7. Battler Ushiromiya: For example, maybe that was some kind of sheet or cover that had gotten caught in a dark grove of trees, which looked like Grandfather wearing a pitch black cloak! As a result, I mistakenly thought that I'd had some sort of conversation with Grandfather.
  8. Bernkastel: The victims aren't actually dead. They pretended to be dead, then secretly hid themselves somewhere. After all, you haven't proclaimed anyone's deaths with the red truth.
  9. Bernkastel: Krauss carried the corpses off and hid them. You've acted it out so that it looks like you've kidnapped Krauss and locked him up somewhere, but he might actually be free. Krauss has no alibi. Krauss hid their corpses.
  10. Bernkastel: The corpses were different people in the first place. They were substitute corpses just like the victims. George and the others were hiding from the beginning, and later cleared up those substitute corpses. These corpses were dead from the very beginning, so they don't count towards the number of people on the island.
  11. Beatrice: You can't deny the possibility that Natsuhi met with Kinzo at 23:00. During the following six hours or more before you pushed your way into the study, Kinzo had many chances to escape this study! Because of this, you can't state decisively that Kinzo doesn't exist.
  12. Beatrice: Proof is unnecessary!! It's a Devil's Proof. It's impossible to find a hidden door and therefore impossible to disprove that it exists!! Therefore, no one can deny the possibility that Kinzo escaped from this study through a hidden door!!
  13. Beatrice: It's possible that, after slipping out the door, Kinzo noticed the trick with the receipt and correctly returned it to its original place.
  14. Beatrice: Kinzo might have been a marvelous magician and an inventor, right?! He might have invented a drug that turns his body to mist and slipped out through the keyhole!!
  15. Beatrice: Or maybe he invented a teleport device, right?! That possibility is impossible to deny because of the Devil's Proof!!
  16. Beatrice: Oh, so you can examine every drug in the world? You can deny the existence of unknown scientific devices?! There's no way you can, it's a Devil's Proof! You cannot deny that they might exist!
  17. Beatrice: Natsuhi claims to have 'talked with Kinzo in the study', but she never said that she spoke with him face to face. Therefore, if Kinzo was in a location other than the study, there is no contradiction as long as they held a conversation!
  18. Beatrice: Natsuhi used the internal phone line in this study to speak with Kinzo, who was in another place! There's nothing strange about Kinzo, who hates the relatives, predicting that they would enter his study and leaving to go elsewhere. He might have gone to the hidden mansion, Kuwadorian!
  19. Beatrice: There's a chance the Kinzo Natsuhi mentioned does not refer to the person himself! The Kinzo Natsuhi spoke of might have been another name for this room, right? Kinzo had taken refuge in Kuwadorian and was impossible to contact. Perhaps Natsuhi called this room 'Father', and by contemplating inside of it, she felt as though she had received some sort of revelation from Kinzo!!
  20. Beatrice: Even if, as you say, this is a closed room and impossible to escape from, you can't deny the possibility that he is still hiding in this room. I'm not talking about a hidden door! He might be under the bed or above the ceiling! He might be hiding in a truly unobtrusive blind spot that only demons could know of, right?!
  21. Beatrice: Or, it might be that Natsuhi, who was ordered to speak specially on Kinzo's behalf, considered herself both his representative and another Kinzo! In other words, it's possible that Natsuhi was also Kinzo!
  22. Beatrice: I've got plenty more!! At 23:00 last night, Kinzo escaped out the window! Natsuhi watched him go, then locked the window!! This doesn't lead to any problems. In fact, it might be the most beautiful blue truth yet!
  23. Beatrice: Maybe he's under the bed?!
  24. Beatrice: Maybe's he's in the bathtub!!
  25. Beatrice: Inside the closet! Under the desk! Behind the curtains!!
  26. Beatrice: Behind the bookshelf, behind the closet, under the carpet, under the floor, above the ceiling, behind the wallpaper, inside the sofa, inside the chair, inside the bed, inside the blankets, inside the walls, inside a rock, inside a stone, inside the room!!
  27. Battler Ushiromiya: Natsuhi oba-san didn't let Grandfather escape. ......What if Grandfather snuck out, keeping it a secret from Natsuhi oba-san?!
  28. Battler Ushiromiya: After Grandfather jumped out the window, Natsuhi oba-san probably noticed a slight draft. She then approached the window, realized that it was wide open, and quickly closed and locked it...!!
  29. Kinzo Ushiromiya: Natsuhi probably couldn't even imagine that I had slipped out the window!
  30. Battler Ushiromiya: Yeah!! So it's only natural that Natsuhi oba-san thought Kinzo was sleeping in bed!!
  31. Cornelia: Be that as it may, this is the third floor...! How could a wingless human escape from the window......?!!
  32. Battler Ushiromiya: This is the answeeeeeeeer aaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!!
  33. Dlanor A. Knox: Was it shown beforehand that a blind spot existed within the study for Natsuhi? If it wasn't shown, this theory will not be permitted.
  34. Battler Ushiromiya: Ushiromiya Kinzo escaped from the study through the window when Natsuhi oba-san couldn't see him. Natsuhi oba-san didn't notice and locked the window. This way, Natsuhi oba-san saw Grandfather go to bed, and Grandfather was able to escape from the study without contradicting the lock of the window or the door sealed by the receipt. I have just demonstrated that it was physically possible for him to escape. Therefore, this battle is over!!
  35. Erika Furudo: Maybe one of those note in the parlor: Krauss, Natsuhi or Genji, simply saw their chance right after that and placed the letter there.
  36. Erika Furudo: We've heard that the mansion was locked and that no one outside could get in, but if someone pretended to have gone to the guesthouse and instead hid inside the mansion, it's perfectly possible that they could've placed the letter there.
  37. Erika Furudo: First off, we can doubt whether the knock was even something hitting the door to the dining hall at all. For example, there may be a certain pillar on the second floor which, because of how the mansion is constructed, makes a noise when struck which is transmitted down the pillar and which sounds just like a knock on the door to people in the dining hall.
  38. Erika Furudo: Or they could have misheard some random sound to be a knock and all misconstrued it in the same way. Or the recorded sound of a knock could have been stealthily replayed from a tape, which might have been carefully set up to go off at exactly that time.
  39. Bernkastel: When Shannon and Kanon came in to serve tea, who was the last human to enter the dining hall...? Let's say it was Kanon. Wouldn't it be easy if Kanon, the last person in, secretly dropped the letter there when he closed the door?
  40. Bernkastel: Someone who existed outside of the mansion at 24:00 placed a letter somewhere other than the hallway beforehand. Then it was moved by some means and ended up 'placed in the hallway'.
  41. Erika Furudo: Just as an example, let's say it was stuck to the bottom of the serving cart the servants were pushing. It was simply glued there in a way that would make it come unstuck after a certain amount of time. When it eventually fell off, it became 'the letter left behind by a witch' who shouldn't have existed. In other words, this is a classic trick where the true sender gives themselves an alibi by making the letter appear at a different time.
  42. Bernkastel: Maybe someone other than Krauss, Natsuhi, or Genji made that knock, or else a sound that could be misidentified as a knock.
  43. Erika Furudo: What if I, Furudo Erika, recorded a knocking sound on a cassette tape and used some kind of secret contraption to start it playing at exactly 24:00? Of course, I wasn't in the mansion at 24:00.
  44. Erika Furudo: In that case, the letter might have been stuck to the ceiling of the hallway instead of the serving cart. The ceiling of the hallway is surprisingly high, so even if you just stuck it there out in the open, maybe no one would notice it. This way, it would certainly fall in the corridor. And you can slip by the red if someone outside the mansion did this!
  45. Erika Furudo: Someone outside the mansion set things up with a cassette tape or something to make a knock sound play
  46. Bernkastel: There was some kind of device that could knock on the door. There was something like an automatic door knocker, and that made it possible to knock without touching the door with your hands.
  47. Erika Furudo: When you set up the ladder from the courtyard and saw Rudolf-san go up it to the third story window, you closely observed the construction of the outer wall, and realized that by cleverly using a rain gutter, it might be possible to go down to the courtyard from the third floor window...! You didn't jump down! You used a rain gutter or something and clumsily wriggled down the outer wall!!
  48. Erika Furudo: Trying to look cool and making it look like you jumped down was all an illusion! You just jumped out and latched onto a rain gutter...!!
  49. Beatrice: Gohda and Kumasawa have no alibis. The two of them were in the guesthouse and could have reached the cousins' room to commit the murder at any time. Unless you can deny that possibility, you cannot treat Natsuhi as the culprit.
  50. Beatrice: Even so, he shouldn't have an alibi for the time period before and after you were in the lounge! It was possible for Nanjo to commit the crime too!
  51. Beatrice: For example, what if someone placed a ladder against the outer wall of the guesthouse and snuck in through the second story window?! There must be a way to reach the second floor without passing through the lounge! This way, it was possible to reach the crime scene without you seeing it...!
  52. Erika Furudo: Therefore, the time of the crime is limited to the single hour between 24:00, when they were confirmed to be alive, and 1:00 AM, when our party in the lounge started!
  53. Battler Ushiromiya: Can't we doubt the reliablity of these seals of Erika's?! Something like wedging some paper in a door can't create a perfect alibi! It might be that someone noticed by chance happened to put it back in the same place...!!
  54. Battler Ushiromiya: I'll acknowledge Erika's seals...! However, Eva oba-san's seal on Genji-san's room should be different!!
  55. Battler Ushiromiya: Erika said something about a scientific investigation and fished through the chemicals in Grandfather's room, right?! There might have been some kind of solvent in there!! If you used that, you might be able to tear off the duct tape without leaving fingernail marks!!
  56. Battler Ushiromiya: Let's assume that there exists some method X that can lead someone to the second floor of the guesthouse without passing through the lounge! Erika claims that the windows and such were sealed, but she can't prove that she sealed all possible means of entry! There's a possibility that Erika was unable to seal entrance X because she couldn't find it!
  57. Battler Ushiromiya: I present the possibility that Erika's lookout in the lounge wasn't perfect!! During the two hours Erika spent there, she really observed everything without looking away for a second?! It might be possible for someone to have passed through the lounge during a small gap without at least Erika seeing them!!
  58. Battler Ushiromiya: But was that really Rosa oba-san herself?! There's a possibility that someone disguised themselves as Rosa oba-san!! Or maybe she was actually holding a large suitcase with someone hiding inside it!
  59. Battler Ushiromiya: Natsuhi oba-san was being threatened by someone!! The uninvited, unknown guest X is the true culprit!! How can you be sure that we are the only ones on this island?! The true culprit is someone else!
  60. Battler Ushiromiya: Maybe they were killed with poison in a remote murder!! Umm, ......with a strange drug that can make a cut appear in someone's neck when they die...!! That type of murder has a delayed effect, so even with an alibi-
  61. Battler Ushiromiya: There's a chance that there existed a murder device X in the cousins' room and Genji-san's waiting room that made a remote murder possible...!! It had some secret mechanism that still hasn't been discovered, and-
  62. Battler Ushiromiya: Anyways, there exists a culprit other than Natsuhi oba-san!! If you want to deny that, try and repeat in red that 'none of the characters shown were the culprit'!!
  63. Battler Ushiromiya: You say that everyone except Natsuhi oba-san has an alibi?! You're forgetting one person!! Who's gonna prove that Erika herself has an alibi?!!
  64. Battler Ushiromiya: Unless she's caught red-handed, you should never be able to deny the possibility that Natsuhi oba-san is innocent!! Can you even deny future possibilities, like if a piece of evidence X that Erika hasn't discovered proves Natsuhi's innocence?!
  65. Battler Ushiromiya: Th, this tale is filled with malicious lies!! The tale itself has become a trap to capture Natsuhi! The tale should be constructed only from impartial truths!!
  66. Battler Ushiromiya: I was the culprit, so maybe I gave George-aniki and the others a slow-acting poison to make them die after 24:00, then silently slit their throats when I returned at 3:00 AM!! I could have done it so quietly that Erika wouldn't hear...!!
  67. Battler Ushiromiya: Everyone committed suicide...!! So there is no culprit!!
  68. Battler Ushiromiya: Erika didn't personally perform an autopsy on the corpses, right?! It should be possible for people who aren't the detective to mistake an autopsy!!
  69. Battler Ushiromiya: Then maybe there were body double corpses!! They prepared corpses beforehand that closely resembled the victims...!!
  70. Battler Ushiromiya: Th, then why can you claim that Krauss oji-san is dead without his corpse?!! Doesn't that violate Knox's somethingth or whatever?!!
  71. Bernkastel: Therefore, it is suspected that Ushiromiya Natsuhi and Ushiromiya Kinzo had sexual relations with each other. Why else would a man and a woman share the same bed all night long?
  1. Dlanor A. Knox: Lady Erika's reasoning has solved the 5th GAME. No new facts exist which overturn the truth created by this reasoning...!!
  2. Battler Ushiromiya: It's possible to construct it using the revenge of the baby from 19 years ago, which Natsuhi oba-san confessed about.
  3. Battler Ushiromiya: What if the baby from 19 years ago was among us since the very beginning? For example, ......what if it was me?!
  4. Erika Furudo: It's only possible for the crime to have taken place between 24:00 and 1:00!!
  5. Erika Furudo: Therefore, it was impossible for you to commit the crime!
  6. Battler Ushiromiya: Therefore, it's possible that the crime didn't occur between 24:00 and 1:00...!
  7. Battler Ushiromiya: By the time of the crime's discovery, you mean the point at which I let out a scream and everyone gathered there. Even if it was impossible to kill them before that point, it was possible to kill them afterwards...!!
  8. Ronove: ......When was that red truth made? Have you forgotten, Miss?
  9. Erika Furudo: In that case, when do you claim the red truth death proclamation happened?! Are you saying you can pinpoint that?! You can't pinpoint it, so you can't deny that the death proclamation was made at the time of the crime's discovery!!
  10. Ronove: ......The death proclamation was made at 24:00 on the second day, in other words, at the end of the game. That does not deny the possibility that the murder occurred after the morning of the day, after the so-called 'discovery of the crime'...!
  11. Ronove: Did you see that yourself, Miss Detective...? It may be true that all corpses, no matter whose, would not lead to a mistaken autopsy, ......but it has never been said that there was a rule against something other than a corpse being called a corpse.
  12. Virgilia: ......Shouldn't you rethink your reasoning? Kinzo doesn't exist. Therefore, the way for the bodies to disappear in your theory is a failure.
  13. Dlanor A. Knox: Can you prove that this corpse is Ushiromiya Kinzo's?! No matter how much it resembles him, unless you can prove that it is him, it is possible to claim that it was a substitute corpse from someone ELSE!! Can you show that it was Kinzo's corpse with the truth of HUMANS?! In this case alone, and with the red truth specifically, no counter-argument will be effective...!!
  14. Dlanor A. Knox: And that itself suggests the possibility that this corpse is a body double! This unidentifiable corpse cannot serve as proof of Kinzo's death...!!
  15. Erika Furudo: ......Checkmate...!! My theory does not waver!!
  16. Dlanor A. Knox: It is possible that it was just a sheet or something fluttering in the wind and rain which you mistook for Kinzo. It cannot be used as foreshadowing to form a basis for Knox's 9th...!! Mistaking things for something else is a right permitted to all observers!!
  17. Battler Ushiromiya: Therefore, my perspective in this game is based upon the 9th, not the 7th...!! The fact that I claimed to have seen Grandfather is proooooooooooofff!!!
  18. Battler Ushiromiya: I'll present a truth that conflicts with yours!! Natsuhi oba-san was threatened by a phone call over the internal line sent by the man from 19 years ago, me!
  19. Battler Ushiromiya: His goal was to make Natsuhi oba-san look like a murderer...!! From the beginning, this has all been a drama of revenge intent on framing Natsuhi oba-san...!!
  20. Erika Furudo: Th, that's wrong, it's a drama of revenge against the Ushiromiya family that Natsuhi thought up!! Your theory outright opposes mine!!

Dawn of the Golden Witch

  1. Erika Furudo: You might be telling a lie about something that never happened!!
  2. Erika Furudo: This wouldn't have anything to do with a trick in the actual cup or table, making this just a sleight of hand, right?
  3. Erika Furudo: While you had your eyes closed, I just lifted the cup up and tossed a candy in!! Call that magic? It's just a third-rate triiiiiick, hyahhaaaaaaah!!!
  4. Erika Furudo: Everything that you ever thought was magic was just a trick that you didn't get!! There's no way it was magic! There's no way magic exiiiiiiiiiiiiiists!!
  5. Sakutarou: P, putting the candy in this cup might have been your sleight of hand, but that doesn't prove that Beato's magic was also a sleight of hand.
  6. Erika Furudo: However, you also can't prove that it could only have been done with magic!! You rotten stuffed animaaaal!!
  7. Sakutarou: However, it might really have been magic when Maria saw it...! Just because it can be done by a sleight of hand doesn't disprove magic.
  8. Erika Furudo: Krauss's group cut the chain and destroyed the closed rooms, then killed the people inside.
  9. Erika Furudo: There is a possibility of a hidden door X that is impossible to discover. He's hidden behind that, so it is impossible for me to find him.
  10. Erika Furudo: You did not vanish from this room. You just hid yourself to make it seem as though you'd disappeared from a closed room. The place you are the 'one exception' that I haven't investigated yet.
  11. Erika Furudo: This is the one exception. ......The walk-in closet next to the entrance!!
  12. Dlanor A. Knox: There are no places in which to hide other than THIS. You are now hiding in HERE
  13. BATTLER: Gohda severed the chain back when the crime was first discovered. Since the chain lock is not functioning, it is impossible to use it to create a seal.
  14. Gaap: It is possible for Kanon to save Battler. After Erika sealed the room, he left by the window, switched places with Battler-kun in the guest room, set the chain lock, and hid in the closet.
  15. Gaap: You were talking about the seals blocking Kanon, the ones on the windows of the cousins' room, right? Then what about the windows on the next room over? All you've done is shown that the rescue would have been impossible for Kanon. There's still a chance for the humans in the next room over...!
  16. Erika Furudo: So, if Kanon really was in this room, it would be impossible for him to escape! In other words, Kanon was not in that room at the time it was sealed!! Kanon's name is an alias. His real name is still unknown! If his name happened to be the same as anyone in the next room over, that wouldn't contradict the check on who was in that room. In other words, it's possible for him to be in the next room over, not the cousins' room!! (used in tandem with R6-62)
  17. Erika Furudo: Therefore, there is a chance that the window seals were broken. Kanon was in the next room over, and he escaped through that window...!! (used in tandem with R6-63)
  18. Erika Furudo: Because of the aforementioned reasons, the only one who could have set the chain lock, which can only be set from the inside, and allowed Battler's Kanon, the only person to enter the room except for me and Battler! (refers to R6-77 to R6-80)
  19. Erika Furudo: After Kanon entered the room, he set the chain, hid in the one place that he could hide inside the guest room, the closet-
  20. Erika Furudo: Battler's guest room disappearance trick' is as follows. ......While I searched the room, Battler was hiding in the closet. Then, during the disturbance in the bathroom, he unset the chain and escaped from the room. At that time, Kanon was waiting for him in the hallway. Kanon entered the guest room in his place and set the chain. This is the trick to Battler's disappearance.
  21. Erika Furudo: ...And afterwards, ......he hid in the bedroom. This happened after I checked to see that there was no one unexpected int he bedroom, so it's valid. In this way, Kanon the rescuer concealed himself in the bedroom.

Requiem of the Golden Witch

  1. Bernkastel: That's a Devil's Proof. Maybe it just isn't inside the casket? Unless you can prove that no corpse exists, this is mystery. (refers to R7-3)

Twilight of the Golden Witch

  1. Beatrice: The culprit locked the room from inside, then hid in Natsuhi's room. Then, after everyone left, they found an opportunity to escape.
  2. Erika Furudo: It's possible to form a logical theory other than 'the Rudolf's family culprit theory'.
  3. Goats: Anything besides the Rudolf's family culprit theory would be impossibllle...Absolutely impossibllle...!!
  4. Erika Furudo: For example, a theory with George's family as the culprits is possible.
  5. Goats: A George's family culprit theory is impossiiible! George can't kill Shannnnnnon!! So he can't be a culprit, and he can't liiiie when checking corpses!!!
  6. Battler: Furudo Erika committed suicide, died in an accident, died of an illness, died by some reason other than homicide!!
  7. BATTLER: It was a murder committed by slipping poison gas through the crack of the door, by filling the room with water and drowning you, by sucking the oxygen out of the room and making you suffocate!!
  8. Erika Furudo: Ushiromiya Battler committed suicide, he died in an accident, he was killed by an illness!!
  9. Erika Furudo: The chain might have been repaired after it was destroyed! The door might have been repaired after it was destroyed! The wall might have been repaired after it was destroyed!!
  10. ANGE-Beatrice: This closed room is perfect!! Therefore, I can't get out, and you can't lay a finger on me from the outside! However, you 'locked me into this room'! So, we can say you killed me with this simple trick...!! You shut me in this perfect closed room and made me starve to death...!! Since you intentionally did this, it's totally fair to say 'This is a closed room murder with you as the killer'!!
  11. BATTLER: The chain for your closed room was extra long, so it was possible to set and unset it from outside the room!!!
  12. Erika Furudo: Your closed room had no ceiling, so it was possible to enter by climbing over the wall!!!

Last note of the Golden Witch

  1. You are Piece, Witch of Pieces
  2. Do you exist as one person from Episode 1 to Episode 8?
  3. The culprit is Furudo Erika! This sequence of events was all to trick Erika, or was a farce to mock her! Everybody suddenly acting like we didn't exist was all arranged beforehand!