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Character Information
TitleThe Golden Witch
The Endless Witch
Also Known AsMilady (by Ronove)
Riiche (by Gaap)
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorBlue
First AppearanceLegend of the Golden Witch
Portrayed BySayaka Ohara

I am the Ushiromiya family alchemist, the Golden Witch Beatrice..!! Call my name whenever you wish. I shall appear and grant you a miracle.

Beatrice (ベアトリーチェ, Beatorīche) is the legendary Golden Witch who inhabits Rokkenjima. Following an agreement once made with Kinzo Ushiromiya, Beatrice will revive once the mystery of her epitaph is solved and completed. Beatrice serves as the primary antagonist of Umineko no Naku Koro ni and as a secondary protagonist in Umineko no Naku Koro ni Chiru.



After having lived for a thousand years, Beatrice was summoned by Kinzo Ushiromiya. She forged a contract with him and provided him with ten tons of gold. For the duration of their contract, Beatrice was to remain in the human realm and was effectively Kinzo's prisoner. As a result, Beatrice was bound to the body of Beatrice Castiglioni and was imprisoned on Rokkenjima. In order to escape, Beatrice allowed herself to die during childbirth which in turn allowed her to leave her human vessel. Kinzo managed to recapture her soul and imprison her once again in the body of the baby Beatrice Ushiromiya. Due to this, Beatrice lost her memories and sense of identity.

Years later, Rosa Ushiromiya accidentally discovered Beatrice Ushiromiya and the Kuwadorian. Beatrice asked Rosa to help her escape the Kuwadorian and explore the world, to which Rosa acquiesced. On their way towards the Ushiromiya main building, Beatrice slipped from a cliff and fell to her death. Upon dying, Beatrice's soul separated from Beatrice Ushiromiya's body. Having finally freed herself from Kinzo's influence, Beatrice hid in the forest and waited for her magic powers to be fully restored.


Beatrice appears as a woman with blonde hair and blue eyes. She usually appears in witch form with a long, flowing black dress emblazoned with the One-Winged Eagle, a choker, and a bow. She also wears a flower in her hair and the successor ring on her left middle finger. She is frequently seen with a golden kiseru.

When taking on a more casual human form, Beatrice appears with a white collared shirt, a dark blue cropped jacket and matching vest, a pink tie, ruffled miniskirt, striped stockings and boots. She appears to have the One-Winged Eagle tattooed on her right thigh. In this form, she usually holds a cane with an eagle head as its handle in place of her kiseru.


On the front, Beatrice is a very cruel individual who tortures and kills humans for the sake of fun and is often hailed as extraordinarily cruel by other witches. She generally maintains a calm and majestic composure. Later in the story, Beatrice reveals a softer and often childish side as well as a certain naiveté regarding her powers.

Beatrice has a long-standing fear of spiderwebs, though this is surmised by Erika Furudo to be a result of mixing the traditions of evil spirits on Akujikishima and the legend of Beatrice.


Legend of the Golden Witch

Beatrice isn't seen throughout most of the episode, though her presence is felt due to the huge portrait of her in the hall of the Ushiromiya mansion, the rumors surrounding her existence, and the golden butterflies. She gives Maria the umbrella and a letter, using her to announce plans of committing murder if the witch's epitaph is not solved.

Beatrice makes her first proper appearance in the Tea Party, making herself known when Battler Ushiromiya claims that she doesn't exist because nobody actually saw her. Even when faced with the Golden Witch herself, Battler still refuses to accept her, and thus Beatrice challenges him to a game to prove that the murders were possible for human beings. The game should continue for all eternity until one side surrenders or gives up.

The ???? has Beatrice inviting Lady Bernkastel to join her game, who decides to become her opponent and help Battler.

Turn of the Golden Witch

Before the family conference of 1986, Beatrice helps Shannon and Kanon in their endeavors to obtain true love. Shannon is ordered to destroy a mirror inside a shrine that restricts Beatrice's power, and the servant is given a magical butterfly brooch as a reward, using it to build a relationship with George Ushiromiya. Kanon then takes the brooch and uses it when he goes to Jessica's school and pretends to be her boyfriend, later destroying it when Beatrice taunts him about it.

Once the family conference of 1986 starts, Beatrice inserts herself as the 19th guest as a way of disproving Battler's claim that Beatrice doesn't exist because nobody actually saw her.

Beatrice later gives letters to Maria and Rosa Ushiromiya, announcing her plans to commit murders just like the previous game. Inside the chapel at night, Beatrice's existence is acknowledged by the adults of the Ushiromiya family, who become victims for the first twilight.

In the meta-world, Battler and Beatrice debate over the closed-room murder in the chapel. When Battler doesn't make any theories because of a lack of information, Beatrice introduces the Red Truth, where anything spoken in red is the absolute truth. Beatrice lays out several statements that make the chapel murders possible for humans, and Battler pins it all on the 19th person X. As Beatrice continues her murders, she summons The Goat Butlers and the Seven Stakes of Purgatory to kill for her. Beatrice provides more red truths amidst the myriad display of magic, but Battler is unable to come up with any credible theories and gives up in trying to deny the witch. Battler on the gameboard also gives up in trying to find the culprit when Rosa keeps pinning the blame on the servants.

At 24:00, Battler meets Beatrice in the study and submits to her. Beatrice treats Battler like a slave, dragging him around naked and chained like a dog. Beatrice then hosts a grand Halloween party for a crowd of goat demons, who devour Battler and the other survivors.

In the Tea Party, she prepares a special banquet for Rosa, giving her food made out of the blood and flesh of her siblings and Maria's head, trying to make her surrender as well. Battler, disgusted by this scene, regains his will to fight, and he stands up to Beatrice once more.

In the ????, Beatrice also invites to her game Lady Lambdadelta, her protector and ally against Bernkastel. Lambdadelta seems to point out that Beatrice made it so that Battler would regain his will to fight on purpose.

Banquet of the Golden Witch

A glimpse into Beatrice's past is seen, where as a little girl, she wished to become after a witch after seeing what her teacher Virgilia was capable of doing.

Beatrice continues her game with Battler and introduces another one of her furniture: Ronove, who acts as Beatrice's butler. On the gameboard, the adults talk about a rumor that Beatrice used to live in a hidden mansion in the forest, and Rosa explains that Beatrice did exist, having killed her long ago. As Rosa tells her story, Beatrice shows the same events to Battler.

Beatrice used to be bound to the island by Kinzo and had killed herself to escape. Kinzo had taken her soul and bound it into a human body, losing her memories and living in the hidden mansion Kuwadorian. 19 years ago, Rosa had met this human Beatrice in Kuwadorian, who had little knowledge of the outside world and believed the forest was dangerous because wolves lived there. Rosa reassures her that wolves don't actually live in the forest, and Beatrice goes with her to see the outside world. They go to a cliff overlooking the ocean, and Beatrice slips and falls to the ground, dying. Beatrice's soul is then released, and she thanks the horrified Rosa for setting her free. In the meta-world, Beatrice confirms with red that she really did exist as a human on Rokkenjima, and that no more than 18 people exist on the island. The events of Requiem of the Golden Witch explain that the human Beatrice who died that day was Kinzo's daughter by Beatrice Castiglioni and the mother of Lion Ushiromiya.

During the first twilight, Beatrice encounters Virgilia, who wants to take back her powers and title because of Beatrice's mishandling of the Endless Magic. However, Virgilia is defeated, and Beatrice continues her murders. Even so, Virgilia arrives in the meta-world and acts as Battler's advisor against Beatrice.

Eva Ushiromiya eventually solves the epitaph, and Beatrice takes Eva's younger self and passes on the headship and her titles of Golden and Endless Witch, christening her as EVA-Beatrice. EVA commits murders in Beatrice's stead, and Beatrice takes on the nickname Beatrice since she passed on her name.

When EVA uses her newfound powers to murder Rosa and Maria over and over, Beatrice laughs at their deaths with glee and Battler slaps her. He's unwilling to continue with the game if Beatrice is going to be laughing at the murders of his family like that, so Beatrice gives merciful deaths to Rosa and Maria while telling EVA to ease up on her cruelty. Battler still doesn't find it enough, so Beatrice has Ronove take her place as she leaves the meta-world, aiming to make herself into a good witch.

Beatrice then revives Shannon and reunites her with George, but they're both killed by EVA and her own furniture. Beatrice then revives Kanon as a ghost and sends him to guide the blinded Jessica to the parlor, and EVA tries to kill them both. Beatrice defends the parlor with all her might, enduring the Chiester Sisters' golden bow, and is reduced to just a beating heart. EVA is then dragged into the meta-world by Battler, who commends Beatrice for holding out and proving that she's a good witch after all.

Beatrice assists Battler in finding evidence to use against EVA, and after a fierce debate, Battler is pinned down by EVA's web of red truth and is unable to come up with theories. Beatrice sacrifices herself by denying witches in red, and Battler covers his ears while the meta-world disappears. Battler and Beatrice then reunite in the Golden Land, where the Ushiromiya family and all the furniture are awaiting them. Battler is asked to sign a document recognizing Beatrice as a true witch, and he realizes that Beatrice had tricked him the entire time. Dropping her facade, Beatrice reveals that she truly was pretending to be a good witch to make Battler believe in her. Their discussion is cut short when Ange Ushiromiya suddenly invades the meta-world, aiming to deny Beatrice as well.

Alliance of the Golden Witch

During this fourth game, Beatrice makes Kinzo exit his study to commit murders, trying to dissuade Battler's claim that Kinzo is dead all along and an 18th person X is taking his place. She also grants Battler the use of Blue Truth, allowing him to make proper theories. During the game, Kinzo gives tests to the four cousins, and Beatrice is revived by Kinzo's ceremony. Beatrice then shows up in person to give Battler his test, asking that he choose between his life, _____'s life, or everyone else's lives. Battler doesn't take it seriously and puts Beatrice's name into the blank space, and Beatrice instead asks that Battler remember his sin; his sin is what caused everyone on Rokkenjima to die. Battler is unable to remember, and Beatrice leaves, disappointed. Beatrice then kills Kinzo by burning him alive, leaving Battler alone as the last survivor on the island.

In the meta-world, Beatrice asks that Battler think about his sin one more time, asking that he repeat "Battler Ushiromiya was born from Asumu Ushiromiya" in red. Battler is unable to, and Beatrice suggests that Battler may not actually be Kinzo's grandson, as she had opened the game to fight said person. Battler is unable to accept that Asumu isn't his biological mother, and he disappears from the meta-world. Beatrice also disappears from the meta-world, going to the Golden Land and planning to stay there forever with MARIA.

Ange goes to the Golden Land and tries to make Beatrice leave and resume her game with Battler. She revives Sakutarou, which Beatrice was unable to do, and MARIA reunites with her beloved lion, leaving the Golden Land and forcing Beatrice to return to the meta-world. Bernkastel and Lambdadelta, who were acting as spectators for the game, bring Battler back from despair and Ange sacrifices herself to tell him that he's still Rudolf's son, therefore making Battler Kinzo's grandson and eligible to fight Beatrice. Ange is ripped to shreds, and Battler swears to engage Beatrice in one last debate.

In the Tea Party, Battler and Beatrice engage in a debate spanning the mysteries throughout the first four games. Battler still believes that Kinzo was dead all along and that an 18th person X is taking his place. Beatrice initially shows weak opposition to Battler's blue truth stakes, and when Battler asks her to fight with her full power, Beatrice uses red to confirm that Kinzo really is dead and there are no more than 17 people on Rokkenjima, thereby nullifying all of Battler's theories.

After another fierce exchange of red and blue, Beatrice becomes impaled on a massive stake, unable to destroy Battler's blue truths. She uses the last of her power to present Battler with one final riddle, saying that Battler is all alone on the island and yet Beatrice will kill him: "who am I?"

Beatrice's spirit embraces Battler as he swears that he will solve that riddle and kill her.

End of the Golden Witch

Beatrice is rendered comatose, having used up all of her spirit in fighting Battler. Battler seeks to find a peaceful way to kill her, and with her absence Lambda takes over as Game Master. During the game, Natsuhi Ushiromiya is at risk of the family members discovering that she and Krauss Ushiromiya had been hiding Kinzo's death, and a piece version of Beatrice appears to help her. Piece-Beatrice duels with Erika Furudo and Eiserne Jungfrau, trying to prevent them from destroying Kinzo's spirit when they attack the study. Piece-Beatrice and her furniture also try to help Natsuhi by hiding the corpses of the victims of the first twilight.

Later on, Lambda holds a court session in the meta-world, trying to pin Natsuhi as the culprit. Piece-Beatrice tries her best to defend Natsuhi, but she fails and is torn apart by goats. Battler also tries to defend Natsuhi, but he is impaled by Dlanor's red longsword. After court has ended and everyone has cleared out, the real Beatrice walks up to Battler, thanking him for trying to save the integrity of her game and disappears.

Dawn of the Golden Witch

Battler has discovered the truth and become Game Master, using his powers to try and revive Beatrice. However, she instead is revived as Chick Beatrice, acting very kind and innocent with none of the haughty personality that the original Beatrice had. Chick Beatrice assists Battler in his game against Erika, later witnessing him getting trapped in a logic error. In the midst of the game, Chick Beatrice tries to discover how to be just like the real Beatrice, eventually meeting Beatrice the Elder. The two Beatrices try to learn how to become just like the original Beatrice, and they get involved with a love trial held by Zepar and Furfur.

At the end of the love trial, the two Beatrices fuse and Beatrice fully revives, heading to the meta-world to interrupt Erika's wedding to the comatose Battler. Beatrice finds a way for Battler to escape his logic error, and the two of them engage Erika in a final debate where, even if Erika were to join the humans on the island, there are only 17 humans on Rokkenjima.

In the Tea Party, Battler and Beatrice are finally able to get married.

Requiem of the Golden Witch

The true origins of Beatrice are revealed in this episode. After her death in End of the Golden Witch, Beatrice returns in the body of Clair Vaux Bernardus to confess her crimes to Willard and Lion. She tells her story that she was once a young servant named Sayo Yasuda and the struggles she went through after falling in love and waiting 6 years for Battler. Afterward, she goes into her final battle with Willard who tears apart her mysteries and answers her question of "Who am I?". With this, Beatrice is finally able to die and be put to rest.

In the Tea Party, Beatrice attempts to bring about the Rokkenjima massacre she depicted in her message bottles. She gives Maria a letter and challenges the family to solve her riddle. The siblings solve the epitaph and go to the gold room, where Beatrice reveals her plans and surrenders to them. However, a scuffle arises between the adults, ending with them killing each other save for Rudolf Ushiromiya and Kyrie Ushiromiya. Beatrice is then seemingly shot and killed by Kyrie, who goes with Rudolf to kill the remaining family members.

Twilight of the Golden Witch

In this arc, the Beatrice from Dawn of the Golden Witch appears as the 19th person on Rokkenjima once more, as part of Battler's game for Ange Ushiromiya.

The aftermath of the Rokkenjima Incident is shown, where on October 6th, 1986, Beatrice had survived getting shot by Kyrie and guides Battler through Kuwadorian's underground passage and towards a speedboat. Beatrice gives Battler a gold bar she took from the gold room and wants Battler to leave her behind, but he takes her into the boat so they can explore the world together. As they drive towards a nearby island, Beatrice distracts Battler by giving him a kiss, soon jumping into the ocean and using the gold bar to weigh herself down.


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