Banquet of the Golden Witch/Tea Party


Beatrice expresses to Bernkastel her surprise of Bernkastel's piece interfering at the end of Banquet of the Golden Witch. Lambdadelta becomes annoyed that the name of Bernkastel's piece wasn't revealed during the story. Lambdadelta attempts to get the other witches to tell her the name of the piece and in exchange divulge a secret of her own. Lamdadelta is eventually coerced into revealing that her secret was that the true identity of Eva-Beatrice was Eva Ushiromiya. Bernkastel mocks her and says that, instead of telling her the name of her piece, she'll reveal the culprit of a different game called Higurashi no Naku Koro ni. Lamdadelta covers her ears, claiming that she's currently playing the game and doesn't want to be spoiled. Bernkastel leaves to prepare for the next game.

Lambadelta then turns to Beatrice and threatens to revoke her powers as a witch if she doesn't play future games with the absolute intention to win.