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This is a list of characters appearing in Umineko no Naku Koro ni who, for one reason or another, have insufficient information to warrant an individual character page.

Ushiromiya family

Kinzo's legal wife

Kinzo's legal wife is the woman Kinzo was forced to marry by the Ushiromiya elders before he became a soldier in World War II. Not much is known about her, aside from the fact that she came from a high aristocrat family and is the biological mother of Krauss, Eva, Rudolf and Rosa, and thus the grandmother of Jessica, George, Battler, Ange and Maria. Throughout the series she has only been referred to by a few characters, mostly by her children or grandchildren.

She is mentioned once by Kinzo during Requiem of the Golden Witch. Kinzo never really loved or hated her, he simply did not care about her, much like how he does not care about their children. It is unknown whether the feelings she had for Kinzo were mutual, however Eva notes that, after Kinzo moved his family to Rokkenjima, his wife became suspicious of him and was somewhat aware of the existence of a blonde-haired woman living in a hidden mansion on the island due to Kinzo's frequent visits to said mansion. Rudolf notes that, upon Asumu's death, Kinzo cried in her funeral, though not as much as when he cried for Beatrice in Requiem of the Golden Witch.

Like Asumu, Kinzo's wife did not get a sprite but was given an appearance in the manga adaptation, though she only had one picture.


Dale Watanabe

An American lawyer representing Rudolf Ushiromiya and his company. He is key to Rudolf's strategy to bail out his business. Dale is said to bill very highly. He first appears in Turn of the Golden Witch.

Erika's former lover

In Dawn of the Golden Witch, Erika reveals to Dlanor that the reason she strongly denied magic was because of her experience with a man in college who claimed to love her. Day by day, Erika found circumstantial evidence that he could have been cheating with another woman. When confronted, the man reacted violently and threw her out, thus ending their relationship. This emotional scar remains carved into Erika's heart is likely the reason why Erika denies love and magic.

It is also possible that Erika's cruelty and, most likely, her inferiority complex stems from her former lover's betrayal. Therefore, it is deemed that Erika grew to despise him. This is attested to when Erika's mockingly refers to him after showing Dlanor her past.

The man from 19 years ago

The man from 19 years ago is a what-if scenario created by Sayo Yasuda. He exists only in End of the Golden Witch and is used as a vehicle by Sayo to craft a revenge story against Natsuhi Ushiromiya. The character is initially depicted as seemingly trying to attack Krauss and Jessica and his true goal of framing Natsuhi for his murders is revealed later.

In the manga adaptation of Twilight of the Golden Witch, Erika made a theory that the one who passed the calls was actually Battler reading a script written by Sayo, being bought off by the culprit and following a scenario arranged with the other adults, but unaware that said culprit really intended to kill people. However in order to retain Ange's key from Erika, Battler destroys one of Erika's blues revealing Sayo as the caller of the morning of October 5th. Despite Battler confirming caller only for this morning, Beatrice, during game of hide-and-seek, implied that she was the one calling later on as well. Interestingly enough, Natsuhi, during the first call, mentions the callers voice to be androgynous, which is completely different from the voice acting done with Battler's voice.

In Last note of the Golden Witch In the after-credits scene, Virgilius is summoned to talk about his scrapped roles for the series, where it's shown he was supposed to play the part of The Man.

Maria's stuffed animals

Aside from Sakutarou, Maria also possesses an animal band containing Sakusuke and Sakukichi, a seal named Shimoda-kun, a rabbit named Sanae-san, and a pig named Piguo-kun.


Japanese Military

Lieutenant Yamamoto


Warrant Officer Hiraoka

Salo Republican Army