Twilight of the Golden Witch/????


Several decades after the events of the "magic" ending to Twilight of the Golden Witch, at the Awards Ceremony from Japan's Greatest Publishers, a wildly popular fantasy series called "Sakutarou's Great Adventure" wins the novel category. The series is eight installments long, however it didn't grow popular until foreign translations began after its sixth installment. The writer, Yukari Kotobuki, is congratulated by various executives. One, the president of Company X, invites Yukari to a private meeting with Tohya Hachijo. Yukari agrees on the condition that no editors or other members of the press would be present; it would just be the two of them. The president sheepishly admits that "Tohya Hachijo" is a pseudonym used two different authors and both of them wished to meet with her.

Yukari meets them and is overjoyed to find that the one named Tohya Hachijo appears to be, in fact, Battler Ushiromiya, who had survived his dive into the ocean from the main story. Tohya reveals to Yukari that he had escaped the destruction of Rokkenjima by hiding in the submarine base beneath the island. He suffered brain damage after nearly drowning and was hit by a car shortly after arriving on the mainland. He was taken in by the other writer, Ikuko, however he had suffered severe brain damage and did not see himself as Battler Ushiromiya. The more that the memories and personality of "Battler Ushiromiya" encroached on his mind, the greater the side effects he suffered, eventually restricting him to a wheelchair.

At Yukari's request, the Hachijos later meet with her outside the renovated Fukuin House. When they enter, Tohya recognizes the interior as a perfect recreation of the main hall of the Ushiromiya Main Building, including a recreation of the portrait of Beatrice. Battler is greeted by everyone who had been in the Golden Land, culminating with a hug from Beatrice.