Our Confession

Our Confession
Developer07th Expansion
Publisher07th Expansion
Arc TypeExtra
ReleasedDecember 31, 2011 (text)
October 4, 2019 (visual novel)
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Our Confession (我らの告白, Warera no Kokuhaku) is a side story written by Ryukishi07 and released as a text booklet on December 31, 2011. It was later released as an extra story arc in Umineko no Naku Koro ni Saku.



The frame story consists of Beatrice and Ronove inviting Dlanor A. Knox to beta read a new manuscript Beatrice has written. There is a note preceding Beatrice's manuscript which gives some answers at the outset: Krauss and Natsuhi Ushiromiya are accomplices, threatened by the reveal of the underground VIP room. The servants are also accomplices, each of them having been promised one hundred million yen.

Within Beatrice's story, Genji Ronoue and Sayo Yasuda, as the witch Beatrice, take Krauss and Natsuhi at gunpoint and escort them underground to show them Kinzo's gold and the trigger for the explosives. Genji and Sayo try to prove the existence of the explosives by claiming that the destruction of the Rokkenjima's shrine was a test run of the explosives. Threatened by this, Krauss and Natsuhi acquiesce to their demands; participating in an elaborate "play" that Sayo designed for Battler Ushiromiya's return to Rokkenjima.

On October 4, 1986, Krauss diligently prevents his siblings from seeing Kinzo Ushiromiya, insisting that Kinzo will come down at midnight. When midnight comes, Genji gathers the siblings and their spouses. He has all but Krauss and Natsuhi meet with Sayo, under the guise that they are meeting with Kinzo. While in Kinzo's study, Beatrice calls upon the demon Flauros to kill Kinzo, Eva, Hideyoshi, Rudolf, Kyrie, and Rosa. Flauros also eats Kinzo's corpse.

Krauss and Natsuhi discover the bodies and attempt to call the police but discover that they can't get through. Krauss and Natsuhi lead everyone else on the island into the guesthouse. At this point, Beatrice's manuscript has an aside wherein she explains the three categories of closed room murders: murders committed before the closed room was constructed, murders committed during the existence of a closed room, and murders occurring after a closed room is made open.

The women go to the guesthouse's second floor while Krauss and the other men fortify the first. However, George Ushiromiya opts to remain with his fiancée Shannon. When Shannon goes to the bathroom, George acts as her bodyguard and stands outside. Soon after, he hears screaming inside the bathroom and finds Chiyo Kumasawa pointing to a magic circle drawn on a badly burned stall. Shannon is nowhere to be found. After this, Natsuhi drives the servants away from the guesthouse.

Beatrice gathers the servants and commends them for their work so far. She instructs them to take up specific positions: Kanon is to go to the parlor, Genji to the VIP room, Kumasawa to Natsuhi's bedroom, Gohda to the 3rd floor waiting room, and Shannon to the chapel. Beatrice helps Kumasawa into Natsuhi's bed and then strangles her with an extension cord and shoots a hole in her leg which is then filled with a decorative stake. Beatrice repeats this with Genji and Gohda, though staking different parts of their bodies.

Jessica finds Kanon dead in the parlor along with a master key and a letter from the Beatrice with a key to the VIP room. Following the keys creates a chain of closed room murders. While the others are investigated the closed rooms, Beatrice and Shannon head to the chapel to crate Shannon's death with an elaborate mechanical setup that stakes Shannon's forehead and dumps the pistol used to shoot her.

Dlanor is happy with the premise of the mystery but questions if Beatrice has regrets about it. Dlanor cites that the story's extravagance and esoteric nature will make it difficult to read and will thus prevent it from reaching a wide audience. Beatrice defends her story as an example of "oddity writing", contrasted against the mass-appeal of "civilization's writing". Beatrice gives the manuscript to Dlanor and tells her to only let the "one prince" read it.

The story ends with Dlanor's own message, written after Beatrice's death in End of the Golden Witch. She espouses the value of love and laments the tragedy of Beatrice. Dlanor's message ends with a "thank you" towards her assistant, Anzu.


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  • In the physical text version of the story, the reader has to physically break apart a glue seal in order to read Beatrice's manuscript.
  • It is unknown who the "Anzu" mentioned in Dlanor's final message is referring to.