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Characters TIPS


Mariage Sorciere

An alliance of witches formed by the Witch of Origins, Lady MARIA, and the Endless Witch, Lady Beatrice. From them, a groundbreaking magical compendium was created, and Beatrice, whose magical power has declined, was given an immense new magical power.

You could probably say that through the formation of this alliance, Beatrice gained the Endless Power in the true sense.

The first clause was that witches accept each other, and respect each other's magic. At one point, young Ange was invited into the alliance, but she was later excommunicated.

Magical Compendium

A foundation that gives birth to magic. In particular, it refers to a system by which magic can be automatically gained through shared use. You could say that writing down their own magical compendium and leaving it for future generations is one of a witch's life works.

However, magical compendiums of terrific magical power become proportionally difficult to comprehend, and shared use becomes troublesome. As a result, it becomes so that the bearer was never born.

If it is easy to learn magical power, it may also be easy to share it, but as a result, it comes to ruin as a magical compendium with no greater effect than that of a simple good luck charm and is forgotten in the end.

Leaving magical compendium for later generations while simultaneously keeping that balance is the epitome of sorcery.


In short, a grimoire is that upon which a magical compendium is written down and transmitted to later generations.

It is said that today, the most famous grimoire in the world has history of over 2000 years, is currently still in circulation, and continues to acquire new alliance members even now.

It is forbidden to speak the true name of that grimoire, and it is simply called "Book".

Beatrice's Titles

As a witch, Beatrice holds the two titles of "Golden" and "Endless". Because these were originally titles from separate magical compendiums, it can be said that she holds two magical compendiums.

The Endless Witch has its foundation in "Endless Creation", and is the root of her unmatched endless magical power. The Golden Witch has its foundation in "Magic Realization", and the magical power to make precious metals materialize gives the miracle of materialization to all faint forms of magic.

The two of these were polished even further through Mariage Sorciere, leading to the sublimation of "Endless Realization".

In that sense, she should now be called neither the Endless nor Golden Witch, but by a new title that is a fusion of the two.

Regarding Witches

The definition of a witch is vague, but the general theory is that at the point when one gains power surpassing humans and is able to use it at will, that person is a witch.

And the world, or possible kakera, in which that can be used freely is called their territory. Most witches cannot leave this territory, but those who can leave it freely and migrate through the kakera are called Voyagers.

In the story, Bernkastel and Lambdadelta were these.

Regarding Voyagers

Worlds of different fates and circumstances are called kakera, and witches who are able to cross the ocean of endless kakera are called Voyagers. It is also a pseudonym for high-order witches, and witches who cannot leave their territory cannot compare with their power.

However, perhaps because they do not have specific territories, their sense of worth is unstable, and it is easy for their souls to become faint. As a result, it is not rare for Voyagers to become scraps of seaweed in the ocean of kakera and disappear.

Their voyage has no endpoint, and perhaps you could say that it is a journey to escape an endpoint.

Witches of a higher order than Voyagers are called Creators.

Regarding Creators

Creators are sacred beings who can create 1 out of the sea of nothingness. They can give birth to 1 from 0, give birth to the endless, and then return it to 0 again in a flash. They are freed from all restrictions, and the Voyagers sometimes even call them gods.

In that sense, perhaps the Witch of Origins, MARIA, is a chosen girl, bound to become a Creator...

Voyagers are frightened that the ends of their own journeys mean becoming a Creator. As to why they would be frightened of advancing to become a higher-order being, none can understand except they themselves.