Golden Land

The Golden Land (黄金郷, Ōgonkyō) is a mythical place that is allegedly the final resting place for those sacrificed to Beatrice according to the witch's epitaph.


In Alliance of the Golden Witch, Shannon claims that she was briefly brought to the Golden Land by Beatrice. She refers to this experience as a "pleasant dream" without a tangible image and likens it to a peaceful morning wherein one can oversleep without missing obligations. Similar to a dream, Shannon says it is difficult to recall specifics of the Golden Land after leaving it. In the Golden Land, every need and want is fulfilled in such a way that there is no reason to wish for anything more. Shannon refers to the Golden Land as the only place where she felt equal to everyone around her; there was no distinction between humans, furniture, and witches. However, since the Golden Land is a world typified by absence, Shannon cannot describe the Golden Land as a "happy place" as both happiness and despair are equally absent from the world.

In Twilight of the Golden Witch, the Golden Land serves as an escape route for the various pieces trapped on BATTLER's Game Board.