Jirou Tomitake

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Jirou Tomitake
富竹 ジロウ
Character Information
TitleFirst Lieutenant
Nationality Japanese
Also Known AsTommy
BirthdaySeptember 14
Zodiac SignVirgo
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorBrown
First AppearanceOnikakushi-hen

Jirou Tomitake (富竹 ジロウ, Tomitake Jirō) is an auditor with the Japanese government and a photographer. He visits Hinamizawa every year to take pictures of the Watanagashi Festival. He is often a victim of the fifth year of the curse of Oyashiro.



Tomitake was once a sniping instructor with the Japan Self-Defense Forces until an accident. As a result, Tomitake is an extremely talented sniper, as seen during Matsuribayashi-hen. Later on, Tomitake is recruited by "Tokyo" to work as an auditor for the Hinamizawa Syndrome research project. Tomitake disguises his visits to Hinamizawa as expeditions to take pictures of the Watanagashi Festival. Due to his frequent visits, Tomitake is well known to the villagers of Hinamizawa.


Tomitake appears as a muscular man with short brown hair and brown eyes. He is always seen wearing glasses, though the frame changes based on the artist. When visiting Hinamizawa, Tomitake wears a dark green baseball hat, black sleeveless shirt, camouflage military trousers, and black boots. He also wears a dark brown belt with several belt bags attached and a dog tag necklace. In the anime adaptation, Tomitake also wears a watch on his left arm.

While working as an auditor, Tomitake wears a green military-style suit over a white shirt and dark blue tie.


Tomitake is a generally gentle man who rarely appears angry. He is often a source of comic relief. He has a complicated relationship with Miyo Takano; The two are engaged in a sexual relationship but the extent of their mutual romantic interest is nebulous and varies depending on the adaptation.


Tomitake is often the victim of the fifth curse of Oyashiro. The Mountain Hounds abduct him and inject him with H-173, a drug designed to imitate the terminal effects of Hinamizawa Syndrome. This causes Tomitake to claw out his own throat on the night of Watanagashi.


  • "Jirou Tomitake" is merely an alias; Tomitake's real name is unknown.
  • Kyousuke Irie occasionally refers to Tomitake as "Risa", an inside joke resulting from Tomitake pronouncing Nisa (Lieutenant Colonel) as Risa due to his accent.
  • Tomitake bears a resemblance to Toujirou Mitake, a major character in Ciconia no Naku Koro ni.

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