Philip Butler

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Philip Butler
Character Information
Nationality American
Also Known AsPhil (by Gabriel)
BirthdayJuly 15
Zodiac SignCancer
Blood TypeA[1]
Hair ColorAuburn
Eye ColorBlue
OccupationCaptain of the American garrison of the Public Ordinance Division for District 23
First AppearanceSeason 1

Philip U. Butler is an American officer working at the garrison in District 23.



Philip is shown to have a rather conniving nature, demonstrated when he designs a backup plan to blame Club Primavera if he were to fail to find a missing American soldier at the request of the mafia.


Season 1

Philip plans to have Caleb assassinated after he pays, however the assassination is botched.

Season 2

Philip briefly appears in Season 2 when it is implied that Rose Haibara had been seducing him in order to gain further control over District 23.

Season 3

Philip's garrison is taken over by Gabriel Kaburaya, who blackmails Philip using his knowledge of Philip's mafia connection.

Last Season

As Gabriel Kaburaya dies, Philip mentions something having happened to his younger sister Ange, blaming Gabriel. However, Gabriel appears genuinely confused by this.


  • Philip's name, design, and mannerisms are an homage to Battler Ushiromiya, though the two have no canonical relation to each other.
    • Philip has a younger sister named Ange.
    • Philip and Battler share a birthday of July 15.
    • Philip's middle name is abbreviated as "U." in the credits to Last Season.
    • Philip's eyes are repeatedly referred to as "eagle eyes," a possible reference to the One-Winged Eagle.
  • Philip is half-Japanese (on his mother's side).

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