List of minor characters in Rose Guns Days

This is a list of characters appearing in Rose Guns Days who, for one reason or another, have insufficient information to warrant an individual character page.


A shop owner who swindled Shoten Arakawa out of some of his money.

Davis Degawa

An assassination target under the protection of Alfred Akagi.

Helena Kanzaki

A prostitute highly valued because of her fluency in English. She was forced into prostitution after inheriting her father's vast debt. She escaped with her lover, Peter MacDowell, and her debt was paid by Rose Haibara.

Masayoshi Saijou

Zel's father. He previously worked in Japanese-occupied China but was arrested following Japan's surrender.

Peter MacDowell

An American soldier working the garrison base in District 23. He comes from a powerful American crime family.

Seishou Sou

A Chinese gangster who serves as an officer in the Golden Dragons.

Shoichirou Amakawa

Jeanne Amakawa's father.

Shoten Amakawa

A wealthy landowner who used his money to revitalize Japanese businesses after World War II. The Dawn Shopping District is named after him (from the first kanji in "Shoten").

Yuuji Maiougi

The nephew of Richard and Stella Maiougi. He was adopted by the two of them after his mother's death. In 1949, he is poisoned by Gabriel Kaburaya and killed.

Yuuji's mother

The deceased younger sister of Richard and Stella Maiougi. Her son, Yuuji, was adopted by Richard and Stella after her death.