0017th Aerial Augmented Infantry Squad
AllegianceArctic Ocean Union
TypeAerial Augmented Infantry

The 0017th Aerial Augmented Infantry Squad, also known as Warcat, is the strongest kette in the AOU's Aerial Augmented Infantry and are representing the AOU at the Battle Standard Festival.

In-game Description

Currently the strongest kette among all of the AOU's Aerial Augmented Infantry. After fierce battles against powerful rivals, they won their seats as representatives of the AOU at the International Battle Standard Festival. Their kette is composed of two Attackers and one Defender. They use the kuruma-gakari formation, which theoretically switches out Attackers for Defenders before they get tired, thereby ensuring that they're always able to carry out their mission with two active Attackers.

However, in most cases, the Attackers Miyao and Jayden carry out their mission before they're hardly tired at all, so Gunhild — who's waiting in reserve — rarely has a chance to move up front. The fact that they're this powerful, yet still have a member in reserve, makes them a significant threat to kette in other factions.

The way they can penetrate an enemy's defenses on their own, achieve air superiority in the skies over their target, attack a land-based target, and then offer air support to friendly forces...makes them more than a military unit, and practically superheroes.

Known Members