Character Information
Hair ColorRed
Eye ColorReddish-Brown
OccupationGauntlet Knight

Naomi (ナオミ) is a young Gauntlet Knight from ABN France and a member of Thalathat Suyuf.



Naima is from ABN France and is a member of the Holy 0901st Aerial Augmented Infantry Squad, "Thalathat Suyuf". She has completed mental optimization training by use of drugs at the Mont Saint-Michel Research Monastery. By nature, she has average P3 levels, but thanks to high-detail resource management, she's able to command immense P3 levels during missions, on par with aces from all nations.

She claims to have suffered a loss of some of her emotions and memories as part of this optimization training, and has been classified as a Level 12 disabled veteran by the ABN Department of Health. For this, she receives a monthly allowance of 3 Euros.


Naomi appears as a young woman with red hair adorned with a yellow character pin. She wears a dark double-breasted suit with a matching overcoat and a green scarf used as a makeshift belt. Her Gauntlet has a futuristic white design with green accents. A black and yellow mantle hangs from its rear.


Naomi is considerate of other people, at one point offering Sujatha notes for headache medicine.

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