Gauntlet Knights

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Aerial Augmented Infantry, colloquially known as Gauntlet Knights, are gifted young soldiers capable of wielding the Gauntlet, a military technology more powerful than any plane, tank, or ship. Gauntlet Knights are trained from a very young age and are exceptionally rare, with only around 1000 in the world. Gauntlet Knights are given several body implants in addition to the Gauntlet that grant them further abilities.

Known Gauntlet Knights

0017th Aerial Augmented Infantry Squad (Warcat)
100th Aerial Augmented Infantry Experimental Squad (Grave Mole)
012th Holy Agent Corps (Yeladot Shavit)
Imperial Guard Aerial Augmented Infantry Squad (Baibao)
301st Aerial Augmented Infantry Squad (Suparna)
1st Aerial Knight Corps (Cairo Memorial Squad)
Holy 0901st Aerial Augmented Infantry Squad (Thalathat Suyuf)
Squad 601