Arctic Ocean Union

Arctic Ocean Union
TypeMilitary alliance

The Arctic Ocean Union, commonly referred to as the AOU, is a faction that formed as a result of an alliance between the pre-war United States and pre-war Russia. The primary goal of the AOU is to restore the pre-war hegemony of the two superpowers. The AOU is known for being highly conscious of human rights.

Shortly after World War III, the AOU relegated childbirth to factories to rapidly recover their population, a tactic later adopted by the ACR. The union is represented in the Battle Standard Festival by Warcat and Grave Mole.

The faction has a contentious relationship with the Central Ocean Union over the Glass Sea of Japan, a relic of World War III that glassed the city of Kyoto and its immediate surroundings. The Glass Sea separates AOU Japan from COU Japan and the shared border is a subject of military conflict.

The AOU is also involved in a territorial dispute with the Africa Commonwealth Realm over the Atlantis Spirit Field, a vast Spiritium-rich area just west of Africa.

Associated Nations