Character Information
Hair ColorPink
Eye ColorGreen
OccupationGauntlet Knight

Stephania (ステファニア, Sutefania) is a young Gauntlet Knight from ABN Romania and a member of Yeladot Shavit.



Fatma is from ABN Romania and is a member of the Royal Aerial Knight's 012th Holy Agent Corps "Yeladot Shavit". She's a former idol originally from a caravan, which traveled to elementary schools all over the ABN, recruiting volunteers for Monasteries of Peace. Her P3 levels are not public knowledge, but in videos taken by the caravan, she achieved world-class marks, though they came with the warning that this was just a preliminary measurement.

There was an event where 20 idols were allowed to join the caravan for a trial period, but except for her, none of them showed up in later videos.


Stephania appears as a young girl with pink hair and green eyes. She wears a purple veil on her head, partially obscuring her hair. Like her squadmates, she wears a purple and white habit adorned with golden stars and her Gauntlet is topped with a shoulder guard resembling a mitre.

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