Rethabile Africacommonwealthrealm

Rethabile Africacommonwealthrealm
Character Information
TitlePrincess Rethabile
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorPurple
OccupationGauntlet Knight

Rethabile Enentwintig Africacommonwealthrealm (リーテバイルイーネントウィンティグ・アフリカーコモンウェルスレルム, Retabairu Eenentouintigu Afurikaakomonuerusurerumu) is a Gauntlet Knight, member of Squad 601, and the Princess of the ACR.



Rethabile is from ACR South Africa and is a member of the June 1st King's Tour Memorial Squad of the ACR Royal Aerial Knight Corps "Squad 601".

A princess from the ACR Royal Family and the 21st in line to the throne. All of the Royal Family's princes and princesses are supposedly talented Gauntlet Knights with extremely high P3 levels, but she's the only one who has been seen flying in the public eye.

Since she displays genius-class P3 levels, has been given the best of educations since infancy, and has the aptitude of an Aerial Augmented Infantry prodigy, many call her the strongest ace in the southern hemisphere.


  • "Eenentwintig" means "21" in Dutch

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