Character Information
Eye ColorGold
OccupationGauntlet Knight

Fatma (ファトマ, Fatoma) is a young Gauntlet Knight from ABN Turkey and a member of Yeladot Shavit.



Fatma is from ABN Turkey and is a member of the Royal Aerial Knight's 012th Holy Agent Corps "Yeladot Shavit". She is a popular blogger who writes about the daily life of an active-duty member of the Aerial Augmented Infantry. In a poll of ABN elementary schoolers, her popularity was always in the top 3. Some reports say that, before joining the ABN Peace Department, she received missionary training at the ABN Missionary Department.

Her P3 levels are not public knowledge, but it's clear from her excellent movement that it's a very high number, and that her Aerial Augmented Infantry aptitude is quite high as well.


Fatma wears a dark purple veil over her hair. Like her squadmates, she wears a purple and white habit adorned with golden stars and her Gauntlet is topped with a shoulder guard resembling a mitre.


In keeping with the propagandistic nature of Yeladot Shavit, Fatma often espouses messages of love and peace. However, she often gives harsh messages and orders as part of her job.

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