Imperial Guard Aerial Augmented Infantry Squad
AllegianceCentral Ocean Union
TypeAerial Augmented Infantry

The Imperial Guard Aerial Augmented Infantry Squad, also known as Baibao, are the best of the Aerial Augmented Infantry Squads. They represent the COU during the International Battle Standard Festival.

In-game Description

Currently the best of the Aerial Augmented Infantry squads across the COU, this kette is fated to reign supreme at all times. Their kette is composed of one Attacker, one Responder, and one Supporter. Baibao Squad is like a single swordsman built out of three people in well-defined roles, with Lingji as the attack sword, Momotake as the short sword in the other hand, used to attack and defend as needed, and Aysha as the eyes and ears. For that reason, some might fear that they would stop functioning if even a single cog was missing. However, in practice, this kette has performed excellently and stands at the peak of the COU Aerial Augmented Infantry.

Their specialty is achieving air superiority, and they're particularly focused on anti-Aerial Augmented Infantry tactics. As a side note, large numbers of kette in the Chinese military use the characters for white (bai) and leopard (bao) in their names in imitation of Baibao Squad, which can get a bit confusing at times.

Known Members


  • Baibao (白豹) is Chinese for "white leopard".