Character Information
Hair ColorGreen
Eye ColorYellow
OccupationGauntlet Knight
First AppearancePhase 1: For You, the Replaceable Ones
Ishak (イシャク, Ishaku) is a young Gauntlet Knight from ACR Algeria and a member of Squad 601, serving as a bodyguard to Rethabile Africacommonwealthrealm.



A member of the June 1st King's Tour Memorial Squad of the ACR Royal Aerial Knight Corps

After his 3-year-old examination, he was put into an instructive strengthening course for the Aerial Knight Corps and became an ace who fought his way up from obscurity, achieving victories against countless geniuses.

Though none of his aptitudes are ace-class, the history of how he won through with hard work and fighting spirit is simply amazing.

With his flawless performance both in martial arts and studying, as well as the courtly manners he developed, he's often thought of as the Aerial Knight directly serving the Royal Family who best exemplifies that role.


Ishak appears as a sharply dressed man with cropped green hair and yellow eyes. He typically wears a brown suit with suspenders and golden sunglasses. His Gauntlet is painted with camouflage.

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