Lingji Liu

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Lingji Liu
Character Information
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorLight Yellow
OccupationGauntlet Knight
First AppearancePhase 1: For You, the Replaceable Ones

Lingji Liu (鈴姫, Lingji) is a young Gauntlet Knight from COU China and is the head of the Central Ocean Union squad Baibao.



Since birth, Lingji's brain structure has been ideal for joining the Aerial Augmented Infantry. During her newborn mental evaluation, she was recognized as a National Special Growth Target. Later on, she was given the best of educations, complete with the best human resources, material resources, and budget, and was fated to become the queen of the Aerial Augmented Infantry representing all allied countries of the COU. The Kunlun Military Research City proposed a five year plan with an annual budget of 100,000,000 wan for the purpose of copying her mental ability, and this request was accepted.


Lingji appears as a young girl with yellow eyesx and brown hair tied into braids. She typically wears an elaborate white dress with epaulettes and brown boots. Her Gauntlet is largely metallic and is based on medieval armor sets.


Lingji is very kind and understanding and is one of the most reluctant Gauntlet Knights to abandon the ideals of the Order of the Public Bath.

She has a unique close-range fighting style based on Chinese martial arts that she designed to defend against other Gauntlet Knights. She has a subconscious ability to make correct decisions that has been recognized as a supernatural ability.


For You, the Replaceable Ones

When the factions around the world institute monitors that prevent the Gauntlet Knights from intentionally sabotaging their missions, Lingji is one of the most reluctant to fight. During the final battles, Lingji becomes embroiled in a close-combat fight with Miyao Mitake and is punched to death.


  • Lingji's name was originally inaccurately romanized as "Lingzhen", likely due to the Wikitionary page for the character "姫" listing "zhen" as the reading. This was fixed by the time of the second demo.

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