Order of the Public Bath

Order of the Public Bath
Named afterIt's a Wrap Public Bath
MottoDon't kill, don't die
FounderMiyao Mitake
ExtinctionDecember 25, 2XXX
TypeChivalric order
PurposeUpholding the Walls of Peace
Grand Master
Miyao Mitake
Key people

The Order of the Public Bath is a chivalric order founded by Miyao Mitake. The Order is meant to join Gauntlet Knights from around the world and encourage them to avoid unnecessary bloodshed during missions. Sometimes, this involves self-sabotage that goes against the instructions a Knight's faction may have given. The Order was a success in unifying the Gauntlet Knights but ultimately crumbled when the world's factions uncovered the self-sabotage and employed monitors to track suspicious behavior from the Knights.


  • Due to the Kizuna's occasional translation errors, the words "Public Bath" are sometimes interpreted as "Public Lust" by certain characters.
    • This is because Miyao originally titled the Order in Japanese and the Kizuna occasionally mixes up the homophones 浴場 (yokujyou), meaning bath and 欲情 (yokujyou) meaning lust.