Toujirou Mitake

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Toujirou Normal.png
Character Information
Grand Master
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorBrown
First AppearancePhase 1: For You, the Replaceable Ones

Toujirou Mitake (御岳 藤治郎, Mitake Tōjirō) is Miyao Mitake's biological father and the leader of the Order of the Wisteria. In an official capacity, Toujirou serves as a reporter for the AOU Combined Military. Unofficially, he works as a spy, gathering information across international borders. He uses the information gained as a spy to manipulate the stock market and amass wealth.



Toujirou raised Miyao on his own and specifically raised Miyao to be an exceptional Gauntlet Knight. Much of Toujirou's background is a mystery though he has managed to amass a large network of connections and informants that he maintains.


Toujirou appears as a man with brown hair and brown eyes, partially obscured by black-rimmed glasses. He typically wears a green military garb with several brown straps and a holstered pistol. He also has a red cravat tied under his collar.


Toujirou maintains an aloof demeanor in every appearance, regardless of who he's talking to. However, he shows affection for his son Miyao and frequently sends him emails.