End of the Golden Witch/????


The Beatrice who had been in the Golden Land for the duration of End of the Golden Witch approaches the dead body of Battler, still in the Court of Illusions. She apologizes to him and vanishes. A lingering part of Battler's spirit appears in the Witch's Smoking Room and recalls an extended version of the conversation between himself, Virgilia, and Dlanor A. Knox that took place in the Golden Land. Gertrude and Cornelia teach Battler Knox's Decalogue and he realizes what Beatrice had been trying to tell him for the past five games. Battler resurrects in the Court of Illusions and demands a retrial from Lambdadelta. She accepts and grants Battler the position of Witch in the process. Erika and Battler engage in a fight using both Red Truth and Blue Truth. Battler manages to gain an upper hand by using a new weapon, the Golden Truth. The battle ultimately ends in a draw; Battler manages to prove that Natsuhi isn't the only possible culprit but is unable to prove that Natsuhi definitely isn't the culprit. Lambdadelta appoints Battler as Game Master and he begins work on the sixth game.