Dawn of the Golden Witch/Tea Party


Having defeated Erika Furudo, BATTLER and Beatrice continue the wedding in her place and marry each other. Afterwards, Beatrice reads out a list of people to be recognized for outstanding accomplishments; Kanon is recognized for his sacrifice in the game and is given the opportunity to be resurrected as a human rather than as furniture. George Ushiromiya and Shannon are recognized for winning Zepar and Furfur's trials and are given the opportunity to be married without disapproval from the Ushiromiya family.

Ange Ushiromiya finishes reading Dawn of the Golden Witch to Featherine Augustus Aurora, somewhat annoyed by the general lack of denouement. However, she says that she enjoyed her time reading and departs, hoping to one day meet Tohya again. Meanwhile, Juuza Amakusa is down the street in a phone call with Tetsurou Okonogi. Okonogi warns him that Kasumi Sumadera has arrived on Rokkenjima and is planning to ambush Ange there. Nonetheless, Amakusa is confident that he can kill her and her guards without issue and hangs up. Ange finds Amakusa and the two drive towards the harbor to Rokkenjima.