To fly freely at the speed of sound, like a fighter jet! To fearlessly withstand all attacks, like a tank! To wield the weaponry of a fortress, a warship! I'm not talking about some comic book hero. What you're looking at is the next generation of soldiers who will defend world peace!
Gauntlet Knight propaganda video

The Gauntlet is a powerful piece of military technology that can only be worn by gifted people. The power to wield the Gauntlet is exceptionally rare; Only 150,000 people across the worlds' ten billion are capable of it. Those who wield the Gauntlet can fly at 800 kph. Much of Gauntlet technology is prone to malfunctioning and improper use of its functions can severely injure its user. All Gauntlet users are equipped with a heads-up display called a Kizuna. This function allows for easy recognition of hostiles and helps lock-on to targets. The Kizuna comes with an AI known as Keropoyo, the mascot of Selcom.

Known Abilities and Functions

Name Icon Description
Richochet Flying Knights can fly through the air at sharp angles while maintaining speed, making them nearly untraceable by weapons such as guided missiles. 8MS implants are required to minimize damage taken to the body. Improper use of this function can blind the user.
Dimension Container System Uses the 4DP system to store a variety of weapons and ammunition in what appears to be hyperspace. The system can occasionally malfunction and explode, eviscerating the user.
Rejection Shield Knights can create barriers to reflect bullets and projectiles.


  • The Kizuna heads-up display has borders containing long strings of text written in futhark. These are excerpts from the Bible, specifically from the Book of Revelation, which details the Apocalypse.[1] The top passage reads:
   -award the place and mariners and such as work the sea stood afar. And cried out watching the smoke of her fire saying what city is like the great city and they threw dust [above]-
   -saints and apostles and prophets for god has adjudicated your redress from her and a powerful angel lifted up a stone like a giant millstone and threw it into the sea saying wit-
   -cians and flutists and trumpeters will [never] more be heard in you nor will any craftsman of any skill be found in you anymore nor the sound of a factory be heard in you anymore and the-

The bottom passage reads:

   -of the water of life bright like crystal flowing from the throne of god and of the lamb in the middle of its [boulevard]. and on either side of the [river] the tree of life producing-
   -words are trustworthy and true. yes the lord the god of the spirits of the prophets he has sent his angel to show his [servants] what things must soon take place and behold i am co-
   -not seal up the words of the prophecy of this book for the time is near. He who is doing wrong let him continue to do wrong and the unclean continue to be unclean and he who is doing-


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