Iyo Hikawa

Iyo Hikawa
氷川 伊与
Character Information
Hair ColorDark purple
Blonde (post-timeskip)
Eye ColorBlue
First AppearanceCountry Girl
Iyo Hikawa (氷川 伊与, Hikawa Iyo) is a character in TRianThology's Country Girl arc.



Iyo grew up with Miya Natsuki, Keiko Futatsumori, and Mikihiko Inaba.


Iyo appears as a girl with dark purple hair and blue eyes. She initially wears a white shirt under a purple dress along with white socks and white shoes.

Iyo's post-timeksip appearance takes on gyaru stylings, as she instead has blonde hair with a green headband along with a shortened skirt and loosely worn bow.



In the frame story of TRianThology, Iyo is revealed to have been a friend of Alice Ryuzaki's, with whom she lost contact after Iyo's move to high school.

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