Vespio 2438

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Vespio 2438
Vespio 2438 logo.png
Developer07th Expansion
Publisher07th Expansion
ReleasedAugust 31, 2016
TRianThology Arcs

Vespio 2438 (べスピオ2438 Besupio 2438?) is one of three story arcs comprising TRianThology along with Country Girl and School Love Adventure. It was written by Ryukishi07.


It’s a world in a faraway future. Mankind and anthropoid ape aliens, the Garrothe, had their first civilizational exchange by waging war on each other in space. As they each launched their first space armada, the first 90 seconds of the war cost them no less than 200 quadrillion UE$ in destruction That’s how that grand first war opened. After that shock, both sides agreed on a ceasefire, putting on hold any kind of battle in space. However, no peace agreement could be reached, and the truce was soon broken. Both sides decided to wage war not in space, but directly on the enemy’s planet… On the Japanese archipelago, the area of the capital Tokyo was stuck in a long tug-of-war battle. Falco’s 101st infantry unit was once again launching an attack…[1]



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